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Payday loans are the easy and secure way to get
 the extra money you need before your next payday.

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I’m a 30 year old single mother named Egge Brody.  I know my name is kind of far out, my father named me that.  He was a real hippie back in the early 70s, and the epitome of a women’s rights activist.   My mother was active in ‘the good cause’ as well as throughout my childhood.  They instilled in me a deep respect for a woman’s individuality, rights, and a determination to make this world a fair and just place for my child and grandchildren. 

In the 80s my father cut his hair and put on a suit and found himself working in the loan trade, specifically unsecured personal loans.  As a know-it-all teenager, I would often criticize my father for what I saw as him taking advantage of people in unpleasant situations.  The 90s were good to my parents financially, as the decade was to many.  Dad started his own business, and getting away from the traditional brick & mortar paycheck cashing situations, and was one of the pioneers of electronic payday advances. 

Unfortunately, my father was associated with some of the unscrupulous business-types that made up this industry in the past, and when he died a few years ago, they tried to steal his share of the enterprise from me.  Much to their dismay and surprise, in a recent David and Goliath court settlement, I was awarded the entire company. 

My first thought was now that I’d won it, what did I want with it?  Since his death, I was more concerned with not letting the thieves have it, than I was in operating it myself.   I then began to ponder how I could use my father’s hard work and infrastructure to help women in need.   After studying the issue, I found that in my younger years I had fallen victim to the liberal press in regards to this type of venture.  I asked myself, how many of the people condemning payday loan companies have actually felt the fear and humiliation of bouncing a check.  Have they had to make a choice between baby formula and gas in their car, or have paid a babysitter the last $15 dollars to their name, or have went to bed listening to their stomach’s growl so that their child could eat.  How many of these people would lose everything they had if they missed just one paycheck, or maybe even just one day’s work? 

With these ambitions in mind, and my father’s entrepreneurial spirit driving me…Ms. Payday Loans has risen out of the ashes of a lengthy, exhausting court battle, and I now continue with my father’s past endeavors in the hope of helping my fellow women.

I truly appreciate you visiting my site and enjoy receiving your input regarding ways to further women's rights and betterment of life.


Egge Brody

How does this work?  First:  apply online by clicking the "Click for Overnight Loan" button or the "Secure Loan Application" link.  We use Secure Loan Processing to express process your application so you can be funded on the next banking day if possible.  They handle all the processing and initial customer service.  If your loan doesn't get processed in a timely manner, they don't get paid so they are highly motivated. 

Second:  We have a toll free fax:  1-877-410-2274.  Fax all required documents to this number. 

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