Is Black Friday Becoming Black Thursday?

We all know about Black Friday.

English: Black Friday shoppers in the morning ...

It is the one day a year most of us are willing to get up early and fight large crowds, and in some places cold, to get great deals on items we want for the holidays.  Over the years stores have started to open earlier and earlier to compete with other stores to bring customers to their store first.  It finally got to the point where many stores are opening on Thursday to compete for Black Friday customers.

There are some people who love this.  They can begin their Black Friday shopping Thursday night after they are done spending time with their family.  Then they will be done sooner, and can go home early in the morning on Friday to go to bed, instead of having to get up really early on Friday morning.  They feel this is more efficient for them.

Yet there are some who are totally against this.  They feel that stores should not be open on a holiday as people should be with their families and even when they are done it is still a holiday and thus the store should be closed.  Many of these people will wait until it is actually Black Friday to go shopping for good deals.  The only problem with this though, is that what they are looking for may be sold out.

Since the large increase in the number of stores that are opening on Thanksgiving Day, some are wondering if Black Friday has become Black Thursday.  Will we reach a point where the stores are open most of the day on Thanksgiving?  Will they start opening at noon?  Will they open at their regular time in the morning?  Will there no longer be a Black Friday and in place have a Black Thursday?  These are questions that people have.

It does seem as though it is a direction that the stores may be headed in.  The stores want to make money by having these huge sales that bring the customers in.  Customers want to save money by going to these huge sales that the stores have.  Each year the every store does what it can to make the sale seem more exciting, more interesting, and to make the customers feel as though the need to be there for the door busting deals that they will be offering.  This brings the customers in no matter when they open.  So will we be telling the next generation that instead of Black Thursday we used to have Black Friday?