Purchasing these Tech Products May Be a Huge Waste of Money

Does it ever seem that despite your best efforts that money seems to simply disappear from your bank account? If so, you are not alone; this happens to millions of people. It is important to draft a budget and then to do your best to stick with it. You can find tons of free budgeting tools online, or simply use a spreadsheet of your own. Part of your budgeting efforts should be focused on saving as much money as you can. You may not know it, but there are some entertainment/tech products and services that may be draining your bank account quicker than you would like. In other words, there are some things you can figure into (or out of, as the case may be) your budget in order to maximize savings.

Here are some tech-related expenses that you may want to get rid of to start saving money right now:

A Landlinetechnology

Gone are the days when we all need to pay monthly bills for a landline. Unless you are in the minority of people who do not own cell phones, you should consider trimming the monthly landline payment from your expenditures immediately. It typically costs about $15 a month to have a landline in your home. But since you are already paying for a mobile phone that is money that could be saved. Think about 5 years without this extra expense. If you saved all of that money, you’d have an additional $900 (plus potential interest) in your savings or money market account.

Books, Movies and Music

We all love these standards of entertainment. However, it is easy to spend thousands of dollars a year purchasing these things. Even if you do all of your entertaining through digital outlets, you may still be spending too much. A great place to go to get all of these things for free is your local library. Of course, you know that the library has lots of books, but most offer e-books too. The majority of libraries also have decent selections of DVDs and CDs as well. If you’re not too picky, and are willing to expand your horizons, the library is a great place to go to save money and to score loads of great books, movies and CDs.

Mobile Apps

Every smartphone or tablet needs a few apps. These little applications help to keep you productive and they can also be entertaining. It can be simple to pay just 99 cents for apps and then to forget how quickly they add up. There are even apps that cost a couple of bucks or more. The thing is, for nearly every paid app, there is at least one free alternative. Sometimes the free apps don’t have all the bells and whistles, or they make you view ads. But these are small prices to pay in order to add potentially hundreds of dollars a year to your savings fund.

The Latest/Greatest Gadgets

Do you salivate every time a new iPhone, tablet or video game console hits the market? If you do, there’s a good chance that you are spending way too much on new electronic gadgets. If you can go without having the latest version of most tech products, you can still get new versions of the previous generation at a steal. This way you get to have loads of cool stuff, without paying the top dollar asking price that always come with these sorts of purchases. You can save thousands by simply avoiding the compulsion to always have the latest and greatest tech. All of that stuff will be old news in a couple of months anyway.

Women of the Baby Boomer Generation and Tablet Computers

When you think about who takes on new technology the most, many of us tend to think about the younger generations. However this is not always accurate. When it comes to tablet computers recent studies have shown that women, those in the baby boomer generation to be more specific, are actually leading the way with this technology.

Let’s face it, women love to accessorize, and this is just one more thing that they can add their personal touch to. Between the cover for the tablet to sometimes needing a bigger purse to make sure that you can carry it with you no matter where you go it does seem to be right up a woman’s alley. Women in the baby boomer generation have the money to spend on things like this and are interested in the new technology and what it can do.

English: A Lenovo X61 tablet laptop shown in t...

It has been estimated that about 40 percent of all women in the baby boomer generation actually own a tablet computer of some kind. This is getting close to half! Who knows, before the end of this year it could be half or more of them that own this technology. It has also been reported that all those women in the baby boomer generation who do not yet have a tablet do want one, which could mean that it is possible that by the end of the year it could go up to 50 percent.

It seems as though tablet computers are the essential tech tool for those women who were born into the baby boomer generation. They are not they only women who love these devices though. Women of all ages are getting into using these tablets. You can do anything that you would on your home computer or laptop from anywhere.

More women are entering the work force today than ever before. This means that they need to be able to get more done in less time. These tablets can help them do this by being so lightweight and easy to transport, they can use them when and where they need to. All it takes is a cover to keep it safe and a purse that is big enough to carry it around in.

Tablets have become a gadget that all women seem to want, not just those in the baby boomer generation, although they are the ones who are leading the way in this technological purchase. While they are buying more than any other generation of women currently are, all women are realizing how wonderful this technology really is. When the next big electronic gadget comes out it may be the women in the baby boomer generation who are leading the way with them too, but one thing is for sure, they sure do love their tablet computers and are not going to give them up anytime soon.

Would You Wear A Smart Coat?

Ladders and Great coats

Smartphones have been around for a while now, and we have gotten used to the idea of a smart watch hitting the market, but what about a smart coat?  Yes I said a smart coat.  Motiif has been developing just that, a smart coat that they are calling “M.”

So I am sure that you are now wondering what exactly a smart coat does.  Well, it comes equipped with a built in 4G data station as well as a smartphone charger.  The coat itself is also waterproof so you do not have to worry about it shocking you if it suddenly starts to rain.  I am sure the company is not looking to electrocute its customers.

So now you are probably wondering how it works.  Like most smart non-phone items, you will need to download an app to your phone to link your phone to your smart coat.  This app will give you weather updates and will even let you know when you should wear the coat.

The plan is that when you buy the coat you will get 1GB of free data a month for the first three months.  After that it is pay as you go.  You only have to pay for the GBs that you use.  This is nice because you do not have to try and figure out how often you will be wearing the coat and how many GBs you will use in a month.  The customer will be charged $14 for every GB used.  This will all operate on Sprint’s 4G network.

The smart coat is available in 80 U.S. cities; this works out to be around 135 million people that can be reached by the smart coat.  The average download speed is somewhere between three and six Mbps, although there has been a reported spike of 10 Mbps.  In addition, uploads can touch 1.5 Mbps.

If the smart coat takes off and is a big deal, do you think that there will be many styles and colors just like there is with smartphones?  Will other companies pick up the smart coat?   It is of course impossible to know anything now, but it is exciting to think about what might happen in the future.  It is also exciting to think about what they will turn “smart” next.  We will just have to wait and see what happens, but it will be fun to watch.