The Best Safety Apps for Women

The Best Safety Apps for WomenSafety should be a top priority for women. They should always be thinking of ways to keep themselves safe and they should always be aware of their surroundings and any potential threats. Now there are new ways to help women stay safe. Here are some of the best apps for a woman’s safety.

The first app that a woman can download to her smartphone is called OnWatch. What is great about this app is that if you feel that you are in some sort of danger you can use this app to very easily alert your friends, first responders, 911, or if you are a college student and on campus the campus security. This will get help to you quickly and discretely. This app will even allow you to send time based alerts if say you do not make it home within 45 minutes. You are able to let your friend and family know you have arrived safely at your destination with a GPS locator. There are free trials for this app.

The next app is called CircleOf6. With this app a woman will choose 6 people either friends or family that will be alerted when needed. This app will send a SMS message to one of the 6 that you choose with your GPS location saying “Come and Get me.” This app will also let you send a call me message should you need to get a phone call to get out of something. This app was the winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, and is free to use.

Life360 is the next app that is useful for a woman’s safety. This app is a family locator app that will connect all of your family instantly and track them with GPS. It goes without saying that all of your family members would have to download this app to be included in being connected with it. This app will let you send panic alerts to your family members through text, phone calls, or emails. This app is also free to use.

bSafe is the next app. You can add as many friends as you want to notify in the event of an emergency or some sort of threatening situation. When you press the SOS button it will notify all of the friends you have chosen to be your bSafe friends and even call a friend of yours to come pick you up using your GPS location. You can get a basic plan for free or upgrade this app for a cost.

The last app if for women who want extra security. This app is much more expensive at $20 a month. This app is called StreetSafe, when you tap this app you will have a personal safety advisor to provide you with instant help. They will also be able to provide what they call “Walk With Me” help to help you reach your destination safely. It can even notify 911 with your photo and all of your information if the situation seems potentially unsafe for you or violent in anyway.
Safety should be on the minds of all women. With these new apps it should be much easier for women to find ways to help keep themselves safe. Check out some of these apps, you never know when they will come in handy and when you will be rather glad that you had one of them.