Tips for Women to Protect Themselves in Various Situations

Tips for Women to Protect Themselves in Various SituationsNo one wants to think that it can happen to them. However, if you do not prepare yourself mentally for the worst, you will not know what to do if something happens to you. Here are some tips for women in the event that you are approached by, attacked by, or even kidnapped by a predator.

If you do get approached by someone wanting your purse or wallet the safest thing you can do is throw it away from your person. More often than not the criminal is only interested in your wallet or purse and will go after that giving you the chance to run for help. Never just give it to them, this leave you vulnerable for whatever else they want to take from you.

If you were to be kidnapped and placed in a trunk of a car, do your best to figure out where the tail light is. If you are able to kick it out, sick your arm out of the hole and wave it around like crazy! The driver will not be able to see that you are doing this but the other drivers on the road will. At least one of them will see and call the police giving them the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle that you are in.

Not that long ago I received an email that said if you see a baby’s car seat in the ditch do not get out of your vehicle, instead call the police. There are criminals out there who are placing these car seats in ditches with fake babies in them, and then when someone gets out of their vehicle, typically women because we are more sympathetic and concerned, they will assault the person and sometimes steal their car. Any time something does not feel right trust your instincts and call the police to check it out.

If you are out and about or just getting into your car after work and see there is a piece of paper on your windshield or back window do not get back out to get it. This is another way that criminals are using to steal cars. They put this piece of paper there and the person who owns the car typically does not notice until they are ready to pull out of their parking spot. They then get out real quick to go check it out only to have someone hop in their car and take off. Instead wait until you are home and deal with it them.

Ladies, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Trust your instincts, they are usually right. If something feels off about a situation there is nothing wrong with calling the police to come check it out, after all it is their job to keep you safe. Be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself.

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