Ways Women Can Increase Their Personal Safety

Women can never be too careful these days.  You cannot trust anyone.  There is no one way that criminals look like, they can be anyone.  It is for these reasons that women need to increase their personal safety.  Unfortunately many women do not know how to do this, here are some tips for all women that can help them to increase their personal safety.

日本語: 防犯ブザーの一例

A good place to start is with a self-defense class.  Most women know the value of education as far as their career goes, however not enough have thought about it as far as their personal safety goes.  It really is just as important.  You may never have to use it, which would be ideal, but is it not really better to be safe than sorry?

You should always have someone in your life who knows where you are going.  This way if you do not show up it will be noticed.  If you have a significant other that would be the one who you would want to let know where you are going to be, if you do not have a significant other than whoever is your emergency contact is a good person to keep informed.

You should always be aware of your surroundings.  Before you get out of your car, or leave a building look around.  If something does not feel or look right then you should avoid the situation.  If you do not have the option of avoiding it, see if there is a security guard or another male who would be able to walk you to your car or to the building.

If you took a sport in high school there is a good chance that your coach told you to rehearse in your head how you would ideally play the game.  This principle can be applied to your personal safety.  You should go over various scenarios in your head and rehearse mentally what you would do in those situations.  This will help you remember what to do should you have to actually do it and it will help you feel more prepared.<

Make sure when you get into your car that you lock your doors right away.  If you do not a criminal can take advantage of that and get in your car with you.  This would not be an ideal situation.  Make sure you do not unlock the doors until you are right up to the car and then lock them as soon as you shut your door.

Personal safety should be a concern for all women.  Many however do not think about it very much.  Too many women think that it will never happen to them, but unfortunately you never know if it will or not, which is why you always need to be prepared.  By increasing your personal safety you can breathe a little easier knowing you are doing what you can to keep yourself safe.