Why Women Fear Salary Negotiations

Do you feel comfortable negotiating a salary? If your answer was yes do not feel bad, most women actually fear having to do this. Why you might ask? Well, there are a few various reasons that we do this. Here are some so that you can look at yourself and see if they match up with you, and some ways you can negotiate better.

Most of us women want others to like us, especially those people we work with. It makes the work day much easier when we get along with our co-workers and our superiors. If we ask for more money when negotiating our salary we fear it will cause our bosses not to like us, or we fear that a co-worker might find out what we make and be unhappy that we make more. This is one reason why we fear negotiating our salaries.

Most women have a tendency to devalue our worth. We just do not seem to think we are worth as much as we are. It is hard to say why, but we need to work at changing that. If we do not think that we are worth more money than the employer will think that as well. We do not want to make ridiculous salary requests because then we would end up in a negotiation. Instead we tend to ask for an amount that we know they will be willing to pay so that we do not have to negotiate the salary.

It is said that one reason that women fear negotiating their salary is because we are too wrapped up in our emotions and feelings. This can cause us to have anxiety about the negotiation of our salary because of this as well as add to both the previous reasons. Try to not have too much emotion when you might have to negotiate your salary.

When it comes to negotiating our salary there are three things that the experts agree we should do. The first one is do not take no for an answer. If we know how much we are worth and a company does not want to pay that amount, do not take the job. Get what you should be earning, do not let them tell you know. Next you should be persistent. They are going to try to pay you as little as they can so that their profits will be bigger. Let them know what you are worth and be persistent until you get that amount.

Lastly most experts say that you will need to be creative. If there is no way that you are able to get any answer other than no when negotiating your salary you should find other ways of compensations. There are various ways that you can do this, if they do not offer much for benefits then you can get more, or you can get stock options. Work with the employer to find other ways to make the compensation for the job worth it.

Women, we do not need to fear negotiating for our salary. We can recognize what it is that makes us fear salary negotiations and then change it. We have the ability to ask for what we are worth, and we deserve to get what we are worth.

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