Women’s Safety Tips When Getting into Your Car

When you are leaving the office for the night or leaving the mall after shopping all day it can be dark out. Going to and getting into your car can be more dangerous than you think. Here are some safety tips for women who find themselves in this situation.

First when you are preparing to leave the building you are in, look around. Take note of any other vehicles, any security that might be around, or any people that are just standing around. You need to know where you vehicle is in relation to all those other cars and people.

Have your keys ready to get into your car. If you have pepper spray on your key chain, have it out and ready to use just in case you find yourself in the position that you need it. If you do not have pepper spray put one car key in between each of your fingers. You can use this for self-defense should you need to.

When you get to your car before getting in, you need to make sure to look in your vehicle. Check the back seat and all other areas someone could be hiding. Even if you keep your car locked does not mean that it will be safe, someone may have figured out a way to unlock your car and get in, or it could happen to be the one day that you forgot to lock the car on your way inside.

Once you get in your car the very first thing that you should do is lock your doors behind you. This way no one will be able to come up and just open the door and get in. You should also avoid sitting in the parking lot doing various things such as balancing your checkbook. While it is unlikely that a criminal is going to try to break your window to get in when your doors are locked you do not want to risk it.

If you get into your car and notice a piece of paper on your windshield or back window do not get out and get it. Wait until you get to your next destination to get it. This is a way that criminals use to get you out of your car so they can either get in and steal it or get in and hide until you get in. Do not fall for this. Just wait to get whatever it is.

As a woman you need to always be careful. Safety needs to be a top priority for every woman. Knowing these tips can help keep any woman safe. Let the other women you know about these tips so that they too can be safe.

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