Women’s Self Defense Tips

Women cannot be too careful these days. It seems as though every time you turn around you are hearing about another woman on the news being attacked or you are getting another email warning you about a new way that women are being targeted. Here are some self defense tips that any woman can use if needed to help defend herself.

If you have ever visited a martial arts center you may have heard someone say that the elbow is actually the strongest point on the human body. It is true. If you are struggling to get away from someone and you are in the position to use your elbow, it does not matter where your elbow will make contact with, use your elbow. It will cause the most pain on your assailant allowing you to make an escape.

You were probably told as a child that you never kick a boy in the groin, well if you are being attacked, go for it. It is a very sensitive area on a man and if it helps you to get away then there is nothing wrong with it. It should hurt them enough to allow you to flee and find help.

One thing that not many women think about using for self defense is their purse. If you are like me and carry a lot of stuff around with you than your purse is likely fairly heavy. Swinging it around and hitting someone with it could hurt. If it comes down to it, use your purse as a self defense weapon.

Another thing that not many women think about using is their keys. If you put one key in between each finger you can poke and scratch your assailant. If possible you can use this on their eyes as well. It may not do much damage, but most predators do not want to deal with someone who is fighting back so they will back off.

There are many everyday items that you can use to defend yourself. Look around at what you carry with you on a daily basis. What can you use? Being aware of your surroundings and what you have with you to protect yourself, and what you can do with your body to protect yourself could save you from being attack or even kidnapped.

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