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CFPB’s New Cash Advance Loan Policies to Harm the People!

Are you one of those that relies on cash advance loan frequently? Then, here’s a news for you which will make you fall into tension. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is here with some new rules. They intend to project it into the market so that they could have a considerable hand in controlling the loan origination in the market.
This step is sure to shut down several financial institutions from their daily business. In fact, the Bureau itself has agreed to the reports that 75% of the existing payday loan companies will cease in action. But the Bureau does not agree with that point that they are creating a problem for the consumers. They are of the view that they are here to help the common lot. This shows a total lack of understanding of the CFPB and the government of the state. They have failed to understand the economic standing of the state. The state where the majority of the people belong to the middle-class society. They are without any saving and often lives from paycheck-to-paycheck. They are commonly called the “underbanked”. This system, if it comes into effect, will make life difficult for the people. So, it is more of a harm than good for the people.cooks232b160
The economic condition of a person here is such that one of their biggest expenses they consider is buying a house. But in today’s scenario where the education prices are high, and the incomes are low, it is becoming constantly difficult to own a house. Thus, taking a loan to realize the dream becomes the best option for an average middle-class American. The role of CFPB in the matter has not been even worthy to mention in respect to improve the condition of the people.
As per the new rules, only lesser number of people will be able to receive loans. This is because the money lenders will have to verify all details and credentials before they could initiate the loan process. People who are on the margin and will be found unfit to repay the debts will be barred from getting the loan. These kinds of people are more in number. As a result, financial companies whose major profit comes from the people who are on the marginal line will cease to continue with their functions.
The people from the “underbanked” class use a system of prepaid debit cards. The CFPB interference is making the system very complex. Now the people will face difficulties in acquiring such a kind of credit card. Approaching the banks will be a costly option for them.Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
On the other hand, people think that CFPB should concentrate more on the frauds like Equifax data breach, Wells Fargo upselling scandal, etc. it had been thoroughly inactive when these instances took place. They have earlier said that companies will be required to produce reports, the “companies will be subject to review of compliance systems and procedures, on-site examinations, discussions with relevant personnel”. It was also heard that the Bureau was supervising the Wells Fargo but they were unable to find out what actually was going on under their nose.
The Bureau should further consider the cessation of any further scandals which are a way to exploit the country’s economy instead of hassling the common mob. The huge fine that they levy on the financial companies will be of no use if scandals don’t stop.
Instead of harming the people with their new regulations on the cash advance loan the Bureau should be finding out more ways by which the people on the banking margins will get helped. Only then they will be called to have used their powers in a harmonious way.

How to get a Quick $500 for a Casino Trip with your Buddies

Every once in a while you just have to get out with the buddies. And if you are serious about having a good time, you know there is nothing like heading out for a road trip to the casino. Whether you head out to Vegas or keep your trip more on the local side of things, you know that great times await when you and some of your best friends have a night/weekend of gambling and fun. The bad thing is, though, that you cannot head out the door for one of these trips without a little bit of cash in your pocket. Many guys find that they are flat broke when these types of trips are scheduled to take place, and often don’t know what to do.

Fear not! You don’t have to miss out on all the good times that are sure to happen when the next casino trip rolls around. We’ve put together some tips that will help you to get $500 or so for a great time with your crew…Casino

One option is to use a website or local reseller to sell off some of your seldom used belongings. Find that you don’t get to play golf all that much these days, and willing to part with that old set of clubs? You may find that a local sporting goods reseller in your area is willing to give you a bit of cash to take them off your hands. Have electronics or other stuff to sell? You might want to use eBay or even Craigslist to create a quick, 2 day sale.

The downside with these methods is that you will often only get pennies on the dollar from your initial purchase price. A reseller might only give you $20 or $30 for a set of clubs that you paid hundreds for, and online auctions can often not pan out as you might expect. Still, though, if you have a bunch of stuff you don’t mind getting rid of, and don’t mind taking less for them than they are worth, this is a valid way for those of you who need a quick $500 for a trip to the casino with your buddies. But you may have to sell of quite a bit of stuff in order to make that much money.

Another Method for a Quick $500 for a Casino Trip

If you don’t feel like conducting a fire sale on all of your best stuff in order to make the casino trip, you might want to consider getting a payday advance loan. There are a lot of people who deride these types of loans, but the fact of the matter is that these loans are often the best way to get quick cash for emergencies. And getting out there with your buddies for some gambling qualifies as an emergency in this case.

Payday lenders usually charge about $15 for every $100 you borrow. They get paid back two weeks after you get the loan. So if you’re short on cash because you’re between paydays at work, you get to pay the loan back once that next check is in the bank. So, you could potentially borrow $500 and pay back $575 in two weeks. These types of loans give you cash with a time buffer, so you can not worry about paying them back until you have your next check from work. For those seriously looking for how to get a quick $500 for a casino trip with buddies, the simple payday loan may be the easiest way to get it done.

Think about these options, and the next time you need cash in order to have a bit of fun with your friends, you at least now have a couple of options that may work out quite well for you.

The Great Payday Lending Battle Understanding Florida Payday Loan Regulations

There are currently elected officials – both Democrats and Republicans – who have joined forces to push back against the CFPB’s new payday loan regulations. Many of the opponents of the CFPB’s proposed regulations have mentioned that Florida does a great job regulating this industry at the state level. As such, these people believe that states should have the right to regulate short term loans without interference from the CFPB or any organization that represents the federal government. To help you get more insight into this issue, it is wise to understand the Florida payday regulations for yourself. Here are some things you need to know about payday lending regulations in Florida

Number of Loans are Restricted as are Loan Amounts

A borrower can only have a single outstanding payday loan at any given time. There is a centralized database that is used to track every payday loan processed in the Sunshine State. When a borrower pays back their loan, an extra 24 hour cooling off period is tacked on prior to that person being able to take out another loan. The maximum amount that someone can borrow from a payday lender is $500.

payday21Terms of Florida Payday Loans

A payday loan cannot be given for less than 7 days or more than 31. These loans cannot be rolled over. For example, if someone takes out a two week payday loan, the lender is not allowed to rollover (renew) the loan, tacking on extra fees and running the life of the loan for another two weeks. Note that in this scenario the total loan time would be under 31 days. Terms are set when a borrower takes out a loan. However, if they are not able to pay, loans can be extended without any additional fees being charged.

Payday Loan Fees

The laws in Florida put limits on fees that can be charged on payday loans. The fee cap is set at 10 percent of the loan amount. Additionally, any loan costs, like verification fees, are strictly limited to just five dollars per loan. It should also be noted that the fee cap is not one that accrues over the course of time. If someone were to take a year to pay off a payday loan, for example, the 10 percent would not snowball into a huge fee. If it were for a $200 loan, the fee would never be more than the 10 percent, or $20, plus costs that top out at $5.

Payday Loan Grace Periods

In Florida the law states that borrowers are given a 60 day grace period if they are not able to pay back loans on the original due date. In order to get the grace period, though, borrowers must set up an appointment with a credit counseling agency within a week of the loan due date and complete a credit counseling course within the 60 days of grace that are given. The credit counseling company may recommend a repayment plan, and the borrower must pay their debt according to this plan without incurring any extra fees or loan costs.

Collection Policies

If someone gives a lender a check and the check bounces, there are limits on what lenders can do. The lender cannot pursue criminal actions against the borrower. The lender is allowed to demand payment, but costs are capped at the 10 percent fee and a $5 fee for bad checks that the lender might get charged for from their own bank. Payday lenders can only get additional money if they file a lawsuit and the court sees fit to side with the lending company on this matter.

These are just some of the main points of Florida payday lending regulation. Some are pushing for Florida to be the model for the entire nation, while others simply want the CFPB to back off and allow states to decide on their own how to best regulate the short term lending industry. Which solution do you think is the best for your state?

A New Perspective on the Debate about the Payday Lending Industry

Other than the estimated 12 million people who take out payday loans each year, just about everyone else despises these types of loans. Those who have taken up arms against payday lenders include consumer advocate groups, clergy members, writers, professors and even the President of the United States. Is it really right for all of these people to hate the payday lending industry, though? Many of the aspects of payday loans that people seem to vilify the most – ongoing debt cycles, allegedly targeting low income people and minorities – don’t really prove to be true when one takes an honest look at the short term lending industry. This is not to say that the industry is perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is in everyone’s best interest to learn the truth and then to make a judgement call from there.

Let’s take a look at a few aspects of short term loans and see if it is really justifiable for anyone to outright hate the payday lending industry in this country.

Payday Loan Fees

payday-onlineWhen people write scathing articles about payday loans, they often focus on the fees that the lending companies charge. At many payday lending locations, the lenders charge about $15 dollars for every $100 that is borrowed. Those types of fees would be alarming if they were attached to a mortgage or a high dollar loan. But considering that the majority of borrowers understand these rates for what they are – flat rate fees, and not yearly percentage rate fees – one should come to the conclusion that these rates are not all that high or difficult to repay.

And there are plenty of payday lending companies for people to choose from. It is not like there is a monopoly on this industry, and that borrowers are forced to pay these types of fees by a single lending company that is controlling all of the short term lending going on in the United States. There are thousands of local lending locations and hundreds of online lenders that people can choose to get loans from. Of course, some people are disturbed by the fact that there are so many payday lending locations. You don’t hear those same pundits getting upset about the number of McDonald’s locations, do you? Of course not. In a free market economy, businesses are free to develop and thrive IF the market for the businesses’ services or fees actually exist.

This leads to a very interesting point that many who oppose payday lending never seem to get: There is a great demand for short term loans all across the land. People who either don’t or won’t deal with mainstream banks and lenders, still need to borrow money. If these people – hard working adults who understand exactly how much they need to pay back within a short loan term – choose to do business with payday lender, who is anyone else to try to eliminate this industry; and industry that provides vital financial services to a large section of the population?

The fact of the matter is that there is no way to make everyone see eye-to-eye about the topic of the payday lending industry in the United States. However, the time has come for people to get a better understanding of this industry, and some of the reasons that people seem to loathe payday lending companies as a whole. It is only when we can get past the rhetoric and accusations that we ever get a better handle on any topic that might be considered controversial to others.

What you Really Need to Know about Payday Loans with No Credit Check

Unexpected expenses often happen at the worst time. With millions of people in this country essentially getting by from one paycheck to the next, it is tough to deal with those types of expenses. Cars break down, appliances go on the fritz and pretty much anything can happen that necessitates a little bit of extra cash. If someone needs say $100 or even $500 to cover an expense or pay a bill, it’s not like they can simply run to the neighborhood bank and get a quick loan. That’s pretty much why payday loans with no credit check offers from payday lenders are such a popular choice these days.

Payday loans have been in the news a lot lately; for better or for worse. Like anything else, there are people out there who are dead set against the payday advance lending industry. However, there are millions of people who don’t have money saved up for a rainy day. And lots of those same folks have had credit problems in the past. Being as banks and the big credit card companies run credit checks on people, a bad credit score can keep people from getting a small dollar loan or line of credit to cover life’s unexpected expenses.payday-loan-helps-build-credit

Let’s continue on and discuss how credit scores work with regards to taking out a small dollar, short term loan from a payday lending company. Since credit scores are used by so many institutions, including employers and insurance companies, it is a good idea for everyone to have a basic grasp on how their credit scores can affect their chances of getting a loan when money is tight.

Understanding Your Credit Score

We are going to discuss payday loans with no credit check a bit more. First, let’s take a look at how credit scores work. Having a financial problem or two can quickly lead to a lower credit score. People who file for bankruptcy or who make late payments to their creditors often find that their credit scores are negatively impacted. When people talk about their credit score, they could be talking about the score that is given by any of the three major credit reporting bureaus. However, the FICO credit score is the one that is generally seen as the most important.

Your FICO credit score can range from the lowest score of 300 up to a perfect credit score of 850. Unless you have had some major financial problems in the past, your score is probably not anywhere near 300. And unless you have managed to do everything perfect with regards to your financial past, your score is probably not perfect either. Most Americans have a credit rating that falls somewhere between the two extremes. But what makes a credit score “bad”? A FICO score of less than 601 is generally considered to be subprime (bad) by most creditors and banks.

Payday Loans with No Credit Check for Subprime Borrowers

When someone has a bad credit score, they can pretty much count on the big banks turning them down if they should need a loan. This is where payday lending companies come into the big picture. Payday advance lenders offer their clients payday loans with no credit checks required. To make a long story short, it does not matter how many financial mistakes someone has made in the past or how low their credit score is. If someone needs fast money, they can turn to payday lenders to get access to funds without worrying about their credit score holding them back. Being as millions of people have wound up with low credit scores because of all the worldwide financial problems of recent years, it is nice to know that people with less-than-perfect credit ratings can still get access to money when they need it most.

Important Information about Payday Loans with No Credit Check

Before taking out a payday advance loan, it is important to understand these types of loans inside and out. Here are some important pieces of information that you should keep in mind if you believe a payday loan is in your future:

• Payday loans are not designed to hang over your head for years. The whole point of these loans is to give someone cash until they get to their next payday. The average payday loan is paid off in full in just two weeks.
• A payday loan is an unsecured loan. There is no need to offer any property as collateral on the loan.
• To qualify for payday loans with no credit check, potential borrowers must be able to prove that they are employed. Borrowers should also have a checking account to provide automatic payment when the loan term is up.
Not paying a lender back on time will result in additional fees. These fees are laid out for you when you apply for a payday loan. It is best practice to avoid missing the originally agreed upon payment date.

Payday Loan Fees

We just mentioned late fees, but there are other loan fees that borrowers should be aware of. Payday loans, since they are short term loans, do not required borrowers to pay annual percentage rate fees, instead borrowers pay a flat rate fee to the lender when they take out their loans. Every lender charges different amounts for the loans that they provide. If you are going to take out a payday loan, either online or at a local cash advance location, make sure that you know exactly how much the loan fees are going to cost. As long as you pay back your payday loan on time, you should not have to worry about any additional fees.

This blog is filled with other helpful articles and posts about short term loans. We hope that you have learned a bit about the basics of payday lending from this introductory post. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to check out some of the other resources on this site to find even more helpful information.

Fast Facts about Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Required

Getting by in today’s world means having cash on hand to take care of any type of expense that might come your way. And while most of us do a decent enough job of budgeting and having money in the bank for our bills, there are times when unexpected expenses occur. It could be an emergency trip to the doctor, a car repair or even an appliance malfunctioning, but sooner or later we all end up staring at an expense that we haven’t figured into our budgets. It’s little wonder, then, that online payday loans no credit check required offers are in such high demand these days. Online lenders have finally made it possible to get loans online, without worrying about past financial issues.

The Rise of Online Loans

Over the past two decades, technology has advanced at a very rapid pace. Of course, the Internet has been the single biggest force in the world of technology. Nearly everyone in the United States goes online on a daily basis. Whether we are looking for directions on our smart phones or catching up with friends on social media websites, the fact of the matter is that Internet usage has become a necessity for most of us to get through the day. It is easy to understand, then, why online payday loans no credit check required offers are so popular. Everybody is working a lot and living hectic lives these days. Most of us don’t have time to add even a simple trip to a lender to our already busy schedules. Thankfully, there is no need to take more than a few minutes out of a typical day in order to apply for online cash advance loans.

The Benefits of Online Payday Loans No Credit Check Required

Here are a few of the benefits of online payday loans no credit check required offers from the best payday lenders:

• People can apply for online payday loans at any time of the day, so they don’t have to worry about arriving late at a cash advance location or waiting around for a branch to open.
• Online payday lenders do not penalize borrowers for having bad credit scores. With millions of people having low credit scores these days, online lending companies offer a glimmer of hope to people who might otherwise have no access to fast cash.
• Payday loans are paid off in full in just two weeks time. You don’t have to spend months or years paying off these small dollar loans.

How Much Money do Payday Lenders Offer to Borrowers?unsecured-loans-can-be-easily-obtained-through-payday-lenders-direct-6516

No one is going to finance a new car or pay for a home with a payday loan. Those big dollar loans are best left to the big banks. Payday loans are meant to take care of smaller expenses. The average payday loan ranges from $100 to $1000. Some payday lenders offer a little less as the maximum loan amount, while others off a little bit more. Be sure that you have a good idea of how much you can comfortably pay back prior to taking out any payday cash advance loan.

How to pay back an Online Payday Loan

One of the cool things about payday loans no credit check required offers from payday lenders is that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to mail a payment. Online lenders will ask for your bank account information prior to approving your loan. When the repayment date arrives, the principal loan amount plus loan fees are automatically transferred from the bank account to the lender. This is similar to how many automatic bill payments take place, so most people should be very familiar with this type of automated payment structure.

Paying for Emergency Expenses with a Payday Cash Advance Loan

Online payday loans are directly deposited into your bank account. You can write a check, use your debit card or even make an ATM withdrawal to pay for any emergency expenses that come your way. Payday lenders never ask what you intend to use the loan money for, so you can use the cash to either take care of bills or even as cash to go out and have a little bit of fun. For example, some people might use a payday loan to fund a nice weekend out with friends, if they don’t have the funds they need in their bank accounts. To make a long story short – the money that people borrow from payday cash advance lenders can be used for literally any type of expense.

Payday Lenders vs. Traditional Banks

As we mentioned earlier, the big banks are fine when it comes to providing mortgages or even car loans. But the big financial institutions frown upon people who have low credit scores. It is important to mention, however, that not everyone who applies for online payday loans no credit check required are actually folks with low credit scores. You see, the big banks don’t exactly make it easy to get a small loan, say for a few hundred dollars. Nope, if someone needs just a little bit of cash and a very short loan term, online cash advance loans can’t be beat.

Credit Scores Don’t Matter to Online Payday Lending Companies

It’s worth mentioning again that payday lenders do not care about your past financial mistakes. If other lenders make you feel like you are being scrutinized and judged, you never have to worry about those types of issues when you get an online payday loan. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that payday loans, as long as they are paid back on time, never have any impact on your existing credit score. When people apply for credit cards or other lines of credit, those applications result in a hard inquiry on a credit report. Too many hard inquiries can have a negative impact on your credit score. Since payday lenders do not run credit checks, there are no unnecessary hard inquires on your credit report to worry about.

Remember, this site is filled with some of the best online payday loan resources around. Check out some of our articles and posts to learn even more about payday loans.

The Student’s Guide to Financial Assistance with Bad Credit

The cost of a higher education keeps getting more and more expensive. According to a report from the College Board, the average student at a private university paid a little more than $40,000 in the 2013-2014 school year for college expenses, like tuition and room & board.
There are not a lot of folks out there who can pay that kind of cost directly out of their pockets. As such, most college students wind up applying for some type of financial aid to help cover the costs of their education.low-interest-student-loans

Students with bad credit scores may find it challenging to get the financial aid that they need. It is important for these students to know that their credit score will affect their chances at getting some types of financial aid, but not all of them.

Here are a few steps that students with bad credit can take to improve their chances at getting the money they need to earn their college degrees.

Apply for federal financial education aid before you do anything else

You can finance your education in one of two ways: you can get federal aid from the government or choose to get money from private lenders. It is best to try to get federal aid first, especially if your credit score is low. The government does not take your credit history into account when you apply for government educational aid. To get financial aid from the government, though, you need to apply via the FAFSA program. Once you apply, the government will take a look at your financial situation and they will then let you know if you qualify for any educational grants or loans. The government also charges lower interest rates than private lenders, which is another reason to try them first.

Don’t Borrow More than you need

The federal funding may help you with college costs, but those types of loans may not cover everything. You may need to borrow money for living expenses and other bills. You can try to get a student loan from a private lender. These types of loans involve credit checks, and the banks are a bit stricter about who they loan money to. In order to up your chances of landing a private loan, don’t apply for any more than you really need to borrow. In other words, take out the smallest loan possible the first time around. Banks are more likely to approve small loans than larger ones, and if you pay on time, it will help to raise your credit score.

You Can Ask a Family Member to Cosign

If you cannot get a loan from the bank on your own, it may be wise to get a family member to cosign on your loan application. If a family member with good credit is willing to be a cosigner, you may get the loan you need to pay for extra educational expenses. Remember, though, that your cosigner is placing trust in you, and if you do not pay your loan payments on time, you could affect the cosigner’s credit score.

These tips should help you out as you continue to look for ways to fund your higher education. The real goal should be to finish your education with the lowest amount of debt as is possible. Try to cut costs when possible and to pay your student loans off sooner rather than later. It is much easier to enjoy life after college when you are not worried about paying off a large amount of educational related debt.

The Topic No One Wants to Talk About: Credit Card Debt

People like to do all that they can to keep up appearances. Most folks go out of their way to keep their homes and even their vehicles looking good. We put energy and money into looking our best; either through wearing nice clothes, taking better care of our bodies or both. And who can deny that we all like to brag a bit about our families and careers when we meet someone new?sgiwoxtdkkilttb8ixhk

Any time we meet someone for the first time, the dreaded small talk will come up. You know, those conversations about the mundane aspects of life. Even during these types of conversations, we all like to put our best foot forward and to project the best image of our lives as possible. There is one subject, however, that people often avoid talking about as much as possible – credit card debt!
A recent poll indicates that Americans consider credit card debt to be the worst topic possible to discuss with people who they just met. Americans were asked in this poll to rate how likely they would be to talk on a certain topic with a total stranger. Poll participants were asked to rate each topic with a rating between very likely, somewhat likely, somewhat unlikely and very unlikely as their ultimate answers.

Eighty Five percent of poll responders said that they would either be somewhat unlikely or very unlikely to talk about credit card debt with a stranger, which makes this the lowest rated category on the poll.

To put this in perspective, people rated ‘Details about your love life at the second worst, with 84 percent and their work salaries at third worst, with about 80 percent. These are very personal topics, so it is apparent that people feel very embarrassed or put on the spot about credit card debt to place it as being worse to talk about than these hot button topics.
The poll indicated that younger Americans were a bit less embarrassed to talk about credit card debt than their older counterparts. But even with that in mind, 79 percent of Americans aged 18 to 24 stated that they would not be comfortable talking about credit card debt with a stranger.

Debt and Personal Failure

Why are people so afraid to talk about credit card debt? It is probably because many people view debt as being a symptom of personal failure. This is especially true in the years following the most recent financial recession. Americans do not like to admit that they are struggling with debt. If you are someone who finds it hard enough to pay the bills every month, how much harder is it to actually talk with someone about these types of struggles?

Before the most recent recession, credit card debt was not considered to be such an off-limits topic of discussion. Most people were used to living off of credit cards, and it didn’t seem like a serious issue. Today, however, things have certainly changed. People obviously find credit card debt to be a touchy, if not downright painful topic. This study really proves that the majority of us simply don’t want to discuss our credit card debt problems.

If we don’t feel like discussing credit card debt, then we at least need to take action about this embarrassing subject. More American consumers need to do what they can to stop using credit cards for every day purchases and to pay off their consumer debts sooner rather than later… It is a heck of a lot easier to talk about credit card debt when you don’t have any!

A New Approach to Cash Loans

Disposable-cash-for-student-loansThere is a small business in the Bronx that offers healthy foods to the residents in that area. This business is owned by one Hamad Ali, and it continues to thrive in one of the most economically challenged areas in this New York borough. As you might imagine, Mr. Ali, like many other small business owners, has had issues with getting financial services from mainstream banks. However, Mr. Ali currently gets financial services, including the ability to get fast cash loans, from a very different type of financial institution.

“I’ve been in New York more than 30 years doing business with all the banks—Chase, Citi, all of them—and they never cared about me,” said Mr. Ali. “But my bank now, it is a lovely bank.”

So what is the name of this bank that actually seems to care about small business owners and financially challenged residents? It is called Spring Bank, and in many ways it operates like most other commercial banks. However, Spring Bank is a bit different in that it was developed by and primarily serves the people and businesses of this community. Community developed banks have been around since 1994 and they fill in the gaps that big banks simply do not want to serve.

Spring Bank, much like payday lending companies and other alternative financial institutions, provides desperately needed financial services, like checking/savings accounts and the ability to get cash loans, to people who are grossly underserved by traditional banks. The unbanked people of this nation make up a huge share of the market, and thanks to the Spring Bank, unbanked and underbanked people have a bank that they can turn to when they need financial assistance.

Spring Bank has been around for around seven years and boasts a remarkable $105 million in assets. This bank focuses on working with local business owners who may not qualify for business loans offered by traditional banks.

Melanie Stern, Spring Bank’s director of consumer lending said, “Most of the people who need these loans can’t afford the interest rates.” To reach those people, and to provide services, like affordable cash loans, Stern rolled out a new kind of financial product that is called Borrow and Save. The way this works is that Spring Bank uses $700,000 in CDFI grants to help subprime borrowers pay for necessary products and services. At the same time, the Borrow and Save program assists their customers in building up a savings account, while improving their credit scores at the same time. These financial services may help the unbanked people in the Bronx to get mainstream loans and checking accounts in the future.

At its core, the Borrow and Save program is akin to a one year small dollar loan of up to $1500. Once a borrower is approved, one fourth of the total loan amount is placed into a savings account and the money then becomes available to the person when the total loan has been repaid.
Community developed banks, like Spring Bank, may not revolutionize the lending industry. But as is the case with other alternative lenders, like payday loans lenders, Spring Bank is certainly doing its part to offer valuable financial services to people who have not been able to get these types of financial services from mainstream credit card companies and big banks. It may be happening slowly, but people are finally starting to realize that alternative lending companies really are valuable assets to the people and businesses that they serve in vastly underbanked areas of this country.