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Safety Tips for Women Who Are Traveling

Safety Tips for Women Who Are TravelingWomen should never stop thinking about safety, even when they are traveling. Women travel for various reasons and it can be all too easy to get preoccupied and forget about safety. You must always keep safety on your mind. There will be criminals wherever you go and you must be prepared.

When you are looking for a hotel to stay at consider finding a smaller one. The smaller the hotel the smaller the lobby will be. This makes it easier to remember who was hanging around in the lobby as there is not as much room for people. It also makes it easier for the staff to remember people and their faces. There are not so many people that they cannot keep track of them all.

Before booking the room, call the hotel. Ask them if the room number is printed on the card holder or on the card. This matters because when people lose their card they typically do not lose the card holder. If you lose the card and it has the room number on it, whoever finds it will have access to your room. If that person happens to be a criminal you could be in for some trouble.

When you book your room request one that is near the stairs or the elevator whichever the hotel has. This way you do not have to go down a long hallway if someone is following you. You should also find out if there is construction and make sure that you request a room that is not near the construction. That makes a difference because you do not know who would be hanging out in that area.

You must remember not to be too trusting. Most women are more trusting than men are. This is something that many criminals count on. Not all criminals look like they are criminals. There are many who are clean cut and good looking. They can catch you off your guard. Do not trust someone just because they are wearing nice close and are well groomed. Always keep your guard up.

If you are out and about and you do need to stop and ask for help of any kind it is best to stop and ask a family that has a mother and children. They are less likely to want to attack you. You can always tell them you are supposed to meet your husband or boyfriend somewhere but are unsure of how to get there. While they are less likely to want to attack you, you do still need to keep your guard up because you just never know.

Even when traveling women need to keep safety in mind. Criminals are everywhere and if given a chance they will take advantage of whoever they can. Do not let them take advantage of you, keep safety on your mind at all times no matter where you are.

Financial Advice for Young Women


Finance (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

As young women begin to enter the real world outside of school and their parents there are things that they need to know. Every young women out there needs to understand at least the basics of personal finance. We need to make sure that we are in control of our own financial future.

The first tip is to do what is considered paying yourself first. Make sure you have the money for the things you need such as groceries and gas before you make your payments on your bills. If you do not then you run the risk of running out of money before you get paid again. This is not an ideal situation. Make sure you can make it from one paycheck to another.

Make sure you are keeping tabs on your credit. As a young woman you may not have much for credit. This does not mean that you do not need to still keep tabs on it. Keeping up with checking your credit reports for errors will help you find out sooner if someone is trying to steal your identity.

Every young woman needs to work at building up an emergency fund. Being a young woman you are new in the career that you have chosen. This means that you do not have as much experience or seniority, so if the company has to downsize you could be on the list of people to go. By having an emergency fund you will be able to take care of yourself until you find another job.

If you have a significant other then you need to make sure that you are talking to them about money. Some people may tell you that you should not talk about money, but you need to in order to be in charge of your finances. Keeping an open line of communication about your money with your significant other then you will be in a better place to make financial decisions, together and on your own.

Be careful with your credit cards. When you are starting off in your career you need new clothes, new stuff for work and so on, that is fine, just be careful of the charges you are racking up on your credit cards. You do not want to start your financial life off in any more debt than you have to be in. Only use your credit card if you know you will be able to make the payment when it comes.

As a young woman you have a long financial ride ahead of you. That is okay as long as you are educated about finances. If you are not then you run the risk of getting into real financial trouble. This is not something that you want to do. You can learn how to navigate the financial world even if you are still a young woman, you just need to take control of your financial future and educate yourself.

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