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Personal Safety Tips for Women

Women are often targets of violence because they are considered to be weaker by many criminals.  It is for this reason that women need to know how to take precaution when they are out and about.  Here are some personal safety tips that all women should not only know, but use on a regular basis.

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When you are out, even if it is just walking from your car to a building you must show that you have confidence.  Most criminals will pick those who seem to be the weakest and that look as though they will not put up much of a fight.  If you show lots of confidence it will show the criminal that you very well might be willing to put up a fight.

Always make sure that you are around of your surroundings.  Take mental notes of what vehicles are where and the people that are around.  Staying aware of your surroundings could help you should someone try and attack you.  You will have noticed where you could run to for help, or you would know if you yelled if someone would be within earshot.

Your purse is very valuable to a criminal; make sure you keep hold of it.  If you are not paying attention a criminal could come up behind you and rip it right off of your shoulder. You have a lot of information in your purse not to mention your money and credit cards. Keep it close and make sure that it is always zipped up or strapped shut so no one can reach in while you are not looking.

Trust your instincts.  If a situation does not feel right, then there could be something wrong.  If you do not feel comfortable enough to enter a situation then do not do it.  There is no reason you should risk your personal safety if you do not absolutely have to.  Find another way into the building, or another way to where you are going, or find someone who can walk with you through the situation, to help keep you safe, such as a male friend.

It is always a good idea to take a self-defense course.  This will teach you the basic of how to defend yourself should a criminal decide to attack you. This could help save you from really getting hurt.  It is not like you are out looking for a fight, but if you ever encounter a situation where you could use self-defense techniques you will be glad you took a course on it.

There are many women who get attacked by criminals all the time all throughout the United States.  You do not want to be a statistic, you want to be safe.  Being safe means taking an active role in learning how to defend yourself.  Do not risk your personal safety for anything, nothing is worth that.

Ways Women Can Increase Their Personal Safety

Women can never be too careful these days.  You cannot trust anyone.  There is no one way that criminals look like, they can be anyone.  It is for these reasons that women need to increase their personal safety.  Unfortunately many women do not know how to do this, here are some tips for all women that can help them to increase their personal safety.

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A good place to start is with a self-defense class.  Most women know the value of education as far as their career goes, however not enough have thought about it as far as their personal safety goes.  It really is just as important.  You may never have to use it, which would be ideal, but is it not really better to be safe than sorry?

You should always have someone in your life who knows where you are going.  This way if you do not show up it will be noticed.  If you have a significant other that would be the one who you would want to let know where you are going to be, if you do not have a significant other than whoever is your emergency contact is a good person to keep informed.

You should always be aware of your surroundings.  Before you get out of your car, or leave a building look around.  If something does not feel or look right then you should avoid the situation.  If you do not have the option of avoiding it, see if there is a security guard or another male who would be able to walk you to your car or to the building.

If you took a sport in high school there is a good chance that your coach told you to rehearse in your head how you would ideally play the game.  This principle can be applied to your personal safety.  You should go over various scenarios in your head and rehearse mentally what you would do in those situations.  This will help you remember what to do should you have to actually do it and it will help you feel more prepared.<

Make sure when you get into your car that you lock your doors right away.  If you do not a criminal can take advantage of that and get in your car with you.  This would not be an ideal situation.  Make sure you do not unlock the doors until you are right up to the car and then lock them as soon as you shut your door.

Personal safety should be a concern for all women.  Many however do not think about it very much.  Too many women think that it will never happen to them, but unfortunately you never know if it will or not, which is why you always need to be prepared.  By increasing your personal safety you can breathe a little easier knowing you are doing what you can to keep yourself safe.

Safety Tips for Women

Safety Tips for WomenYou have probably heard people say that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are a woman this is very true. Women are seen by criminals as more weak than their male counterparts, thus making them more of a target. Here are some safety tips that any woman can follow.

Some women like to take the stairs for additional exercise. It seems like a good idea, until you think about what could happen. Not very many people take the stairs, most prefer the elevator. This means that if you take the stairs you could be alone, with the exception of a criminal. They could be hiding out waiting for a woman to be taking them alone. Then the criminal has the ability to attack the woman without anyone being around to help her. So the next time you have the choice, be lazy, take the elevator, and save your work out for the gym, that is why they are there.

If you have to walk to and from anywhere alone modify your outfit. You may have a beautiful scarf that goes great with the outfit you are wearing today, keep it in your purse until you get to your desk. If you are out walking a scarf is something that is easy for a criminal to grab. Another way to modify your outfit is to not wear your heals until you are at work as well. If you have to run from an assailant you will have a difficult time doing that in heals. Think about what you can do to modify your outfit everyday to keep yourself safe and able to run or fight back, after all it can be difficult to fight and kick in a short skirt.

One thing that you should do is make eye contact with everyone. Criminals look for those who seem to be the weakest, as they do not fight back as much. Those who keep their heads down and do not make eye contact seem weaker. If you keep your body language strong, keep your head held high and make eye contact they will not see you as a weaker person and therefore you will be less likely to be targeted.

If a criminal manages to catch you off guard and you do have to fight, remember you could be fighting for your life, so give it all you got. Hit them were it hurts. The most sensitive areas will be their eyes, their nose, their throat, their groin, and the back of their knee. The strongest point on your body is your elbow, so if you get the opportunity to use it, do. Repeatedly attack these areas until the assailant is down and you can run for help. Do not look back just keep going until you have reached help.

There are ways that you can try and prevent a criminal trying to attack you, but sometimes you cannot avoid it. If you cannot avoid it you need to fight like your life depends on it, and in some cases it might. Knowing how to avoid situations and fight back if you cannot avoid those situations is very valuable knowledge.

The Best Safety Apps for Women

The Best Safety Apps for WomenSafety should be a top priority for women. They should always be thinking of ways to keep themselves safe and they should always be aware of their surroundings and any potential threats. Now there are new ways to help women stay safe. Here are some of the best apps for a woman’s safety.

The first app that a woman can download to her smartphone is called OnWatch. What is great about this app is that if you feel that you are in some sort of danger you can use this app to very easily alert your friends, first responders, 911, or if you are a college student and on campus the campus security. This will get help to you quickly and discretely. This app will even allow you to send time based alerts if say you do not make it home within 45 minutes. You are able to let your friend and family know you have arrived safely at your destination with a GPS locator. There are free trials for this app.

The next app is called CircleOf6. With this app a woman will choose 6 people either friends or family that will be alerted when needed. This app will send a SMS message to one of the 6 that you choose with your GPS location saying “Come and Get me.” This app will also let you send a call me message should you need to get a phone call to get out of something. This app was the winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge, and is free to use.

Life360 is the next app that is useful for a woman’s safety. This app is a family locator app that will connect all of your family instantly and track them with GPS. It goes without saying that all of your family members would have to download this app to be included in being connected with it. This app will let you send panic alerts to your family members through text, phone calls, or emails. This app is also free to use.

bSafe is the next app. You can add as many friends as you want to notify in the event of an emergency or some sort of threatening situation. When you press the SOS button it will notify all of the friends you have chosen to be your bSafe friends and even call a friend of yours to come pick you up using your GPS location. You can get a basic plan for free or upgrade this app for a cost.

The last app if for women who want extra security. This app is much more expensive at $20 a month. This app is called StreetSafe, when you tap this app you will have a personal safety advisor to provide you with instant help. They will also be able to provide what they call “Walk With Me” help to help you reach your destination safely. It can even notify 911 with your photo and all of your information if the situation seems potentially unsafe for you or violent in anyway.
Safety should be on the minds of all women. With these new apps it should be much easier for women to find ways to help keep themselves safe. Check out some of these apps, you never know when they will come in handy and when you will be rather glad that you had one of them.