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Women, Avoid Getting Ripped Off By a Mechanic

Women, Avoid Getting Ripped Off By a MechanicHaving your car break down is certainly not one of life’s little joys. However it is a fact of life that occasionally you will have to take your car to a mechanic, and for women this can be a much more expensive trip than for a man. There are mechanics who will try to take advantage of women and try and rip them off, women there are ways that you can avoid this.

Most mechanics typically think that women do not know much if anything about cars, and honestly this is often true. This also leads them to believe that they can rip women off when they bring in their cars for regular maintenance or for a repair. Many women find themselves feeling helpless because they do not know much about cars and if a mechanic says they need to have something done, then surely it does need it.

One way that you can avoid being ripped of is to bring a male with you when you take your vehicle in. It does not matter if it is your husband, boyfriend, or just a friend. When a mechanic sees that you have a male with you they tend to think that they will not be able to rip you off. First they will assume that the male that is with you will know at least something about vehicles. They will know that if they tell you that you need something when you really do not need it, there is a good chance that the male will step in and say something. So the next time you need to take your car in, try and find a male in your life that is willing to come along.

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You do not have to go to school to be a mechanic or rebuild a car to know a thing or two about your car. With the internet comes a wide variety of websites that can provide information to you about your vehicle and what is wrong with it. You have the option of taking your car to the mechanic and getting it diagnosed, leave and do some research before taking it back and having the work done. Do not forget that vehicles come with a resource of their own, the owner’s manual has tons of information on your vehicle in it and it is worth reading through.

Do not forget that you are paying for this service. If you are for any reason unhappy with the service that you have received you do have the right to complain. The shop should want your business again and they should want you to spread a positive word of mouth about them. This should drive them to make you happy. Talk to a manager and explain the situation and why you are not happy. Do not get angry, keep calm. They are more likely to want to make the situation right if you remain calm.

When it comes to having their car fixed women do have somewhat of a disadvantage, if they chose to. They have the ability to make the experience better so that they will not be ripped off. Remember ladies, do not be a victim of a mechanic taking advantage of you, you have the ability to be treated fairly and not pay for things that are not needed.