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How to buy a Cell Phone on eBay and Avoiding Common Online Purchasing Mistakes

There was a time when having a cell phone was simply a luxury. Things are not like that anymore. Let’s face it, getting by in today’s world without a phone is like trying to travel on an interstate highway without a car. However, purchasing a new phone off of the shelves of a retail store, or from the mobile phone coverage provider of your choice can be downright expensive. There are more affordable methods of getting your hands on a phone – even some of the latest/greatest models – is a little easier than you might think. In fact, it is possible to use one of the most popular websites in the world to do just that.cellphone

Unless you haven’t been paying attention or have never been online before, you probably know all about eBay. This online auction site has been doing business for years, and allows individuals and retailers to sell their stuff to people from all over the world. Some items are sold via a true auction – people bid on the items, and the highest bidder wins – others are available via a “Buy it Now” button that allows you to make an instant purchase. You can find about anything you might imagine on eBay, and can often get great deals. Smart phones are some of the most popular selling items on eBay, but you have to use the right approach to get the phone you really want at a good price.

Smart Tactics to Buy a Cell Phone on eBay

Here are some tips that should help you to find the right phone at a price that can’t be beat:

  • Invest some time in reading the seller’s feedback. People rate the folks that they do business with on eBay. Read through reviews and look for any negative comments. Some people just post negative stuff for minor issues, but look for any signs that indicate that the phone you are considering purchasing is coming from a less than reliable resource.
  • Do your homework on the phone you want. Go online and look up the specs and features of the phone you plan to buy. Copy and paste some of that information into a text file, and then send the seller a message asking specific questions you have about the phone they are selling. If you don’t get a quick, thorough and correct answer, or the seller tells you they simply don’t know the answer, it’s time to move onto another listing from a different seller and repeat the process.
  • Once you are satisfied with the feedback the seller has, and you get solid answers to your questions, you can begin to bid on the phone you want. You will have to be the highest bidder to win, unless they are willing to let it go via “Buy it Now.”
  • Check the phone out once you get it. If there is a problem, contact the seller. Most people want to avoid negative feedback, so they will work with you to smooth things out. If the seller doesn’t want to work with you, or the phone you get is broken or not as described, you can always start a dispute, and eBay will work with both sides to get the issue resolved amicably.

The Real Reason to buy on eBay

There are lots of great phones in eBay auctions right now. The biggest reasons to do so are to save money on the phone and to get a better plan from your preferred coverage provider. It is so much more affordable to get a pay as you go plan for a phone you own than it is to roll the price of a new phone into the actual voice/data plan from the top providers. If you’re serious about finding the best method of how to buy a cell phone on eBay, these tips should get you moving in the right direction.

Be Smarter with your money: Creating Your First Budget Plan

Whether you are just getting ready to graduate college, move out on your own or simply have never been wise with your money in the past, it is high time you created a budget. Living in the real world necessitates that you do the right thing with the money that you earn. A budget will help you to keep track of your earnings, track expenses and to stay on track to meet your future financial goals. People often fear that creating a budget is difficult or time consuming. In reality, though, it is simple to create a smart budgeting plan and to put it into action. You don’t even need high tech tools to get started. Grab some paper and a pencil and then follow the steps that we have laid out for you below.

Budget Creation Step 1: Make a list of Sources of IncomeSmart Money Tips for Women

It doesn’t matter if you make a ton of cash every month or are starting a new part time job, you have to keep track of exactly how much money you earn every month. Include ALL money. If you make a couple of hundred on eBay or Uber every month, be sure to include this extra cash in your budget plan. Create a column on your sheet of paper that lists how much money you make after taxes each month. This should only take you a few minutes at the most.

Budget Creation Step 2: List out Fixed Expenses

Create another column and it’s time to move onto the next step. You are now going to list your fixed expenses. These expenses will include rent/mortgage payments, car loans, utilities and even credit card payments. For the majority of people, these expenses stay pretty consistent from one month to the next; thus the title of “Fixed Expenses.”

Budget Creation Step 3: Make a list of Variable Expenses

This can be difficult, but you need to list out expenses that change frequently. Perhaps one month you spend $400 at the grocery and another you spend $600. Or maybe your gasoline payments change each month. To budget for these types of varying expenses, try to find out how much you have spent on each for the past year, add up the total for each and then divide by 12. This should give you a good ballpark figure to put into your budget. If you happen to spend more, you can always tweak this listing as you move forward.

Budget Creation Step 5: Make an Entry for Saving Money

Smart financial minds usually tell people that they need to pay themselves first. Your savings fund is your way of paying yourself. Set aside some money that will be saved each month, and add in a set amount of discretionary cash too. Stick to this step, and make sure that you ALWAYS save money every month. Even if you have to cut a bit from some of your discretionary spending, saving money will always be a habit that will pay off for a more secure financial future. Try to save at the very least 5 percent of your after tax salary, and even more if you are able to.

Total up all of your expenditures – Fixed Expenses plus Variable Expenses plus Savings. Subtract that number from the total amount that you earn every month. Do you have any left over? If so, add that extra money to your savings budget. If you find that the expenditures are more than you make, it is time to make some cuts. Find some variable expenses that you can live without – maybe cable TV or eating out – and you should be able to wind up at a perfectly balanced budget.

Go Back To School Shopping While On a Budget

Most of us are on a budget these days which means we have limited funds when it comes to back to school shopping. You can go back to school shopping while on a budget and still get everything that you need. Here are some tips for those on a budget who need some help finishing their back to school shopping.

Go through what your child had last year. Is anything reusable? If so then you should reuse it. Why buy new, when you have something perfectly good at home that you can use? Go through everything. Often times they will end up with extra notebooks or pens that they can reuse too. Make sure to take note of what you do not have to buy.

Apple Back To School

Get online. You can compare prices of the items you need to buy for your child by looking at various retailers websites. This will help you know where to go for the best deal. You do not want to overpay for anything, so this step is pretty important.

Find out when the tax free weekend is. That is a great time to go back to school shopping. You will have to fight crowds, as many people go shopping on that weekend, but not paying sales tax will save you money. That is money that you could put toward other things that you still need to get your child for the new school year.

If you start early enough in the summer with the items you know your child will need, like notebooks and pens, you can look around for deals and sales. This also allows you to spread out the cost of paying for their back to school items. By spreading out the cost it makes it much easier to pay for because you do not have to pay for it all at once, which sometimes can be a bit much with the price of things these days.

It is okay if you wait to buy some clothes until after school starts. There is no rule written down somewhere that you have to buy their whole wardrobe for the year before school starts. You can buy things periodically throughout the year as items go on sale.

These are all great ways to save money when back to school shopping. There is no reason you have to spend a ton of money at once or not pay a bill one month because you have to pay for your child to go back to school. Knowing little tips and tricks can help you get everything they need, while helping you save money at the same time.

Some Good Tips for Women Who are bad with Money

It is no secret that some women are better with money than with others. This can be changed though, there are ways to turn it around and go from bad with money to great with money. Here are some tips for those ladies who are not the best with money so they have a fighting chance to become great with money.

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The first thing you need to do ladies is to start by changing one habit at a time. Do you have a bad habit that costs you money? It could be smoking, eating out, shopping, or anything, it does not matter. If you have a bad habit or two you should start by working on getting rid of one bad habit at a time. This will help to free up money for other things such as bills.

Work on your debt. Even if you can only afford to pay twenty extra dollars over the minimum amount due, you should pay it. This will help not only to pay your bill down faster but it will also help you to save money on interest. While you are trying to pay down debt you need to make sure that you do not build up debt on another credit card.

It is okay to seek help when needed ladies. You can go online and find a wealth of information and various articles such as this one to help you navigate yourself through the financial world. If you need more help than you can find online and you need someone to talk to, that is okay as well. Financial advisors have so much information; they have the ability to answer any question you may have. If you need their help, find one to help you.

Work on that budget ladies. Having a good budget is something that should be considered a must. You should be reviewing it regularly so that you can make any changes needed. A budget is key to helping you stay on track financially so do not just slop one together, spend the time to do it right.

Find small ways that you can save money in your everyday life. Do you buy a coffee every morning? Why not make coffee at home? Use coupons when you go shopping. There are many different ways that you can make small changes every day to help you save money, you just need to sit down and think about the changes you can make.

Ladies do not despair if you are not good with money. You have the power to change that. Ladies you are strong and you can be financially independent if you do certain things to help you down that road. Your financial future depends on the things that you do today.

Some Money Mistakes That Women Make

Let’s face it ladies, we all make mistakes at some point or another. Sometimes these mistakes are money mistakes. Here are some of the more common money mistakes women make and why they are mistakes. Hopefully if you see one that you do make you will learn how to change it.

Too many women leave the finances to their boyfriend or husband. This is such a bad idea. You have to know how to handle the finances in your family even if you are not the one who regularly deals with it. Why is this so important? No one wants to think about a relationship that they are in ending, but it happens. If you let your husband or boyfriend take care of all of the finances and suddenly the relationship is over, what are you going to do? You may not know how to take over the role as the person who handles the finances. So make sure that if you are not the one handling the finances in your home that you learn how to do it just in case. It is a skill that you will never know when you will need it.

This may sound harsh but another mistake many women make is to save for their child’s college fund before saving for retirement. Why is this bad? You may end up being able to pay for your child’s college but then you do not have enough money left for retirement. If you save for retirement first, to make sure that you will have enough money, you may not have enough to pay for all of your child’s college. That is okay though; there are scholarships and grants available to students. Many students even work full or part time to help pay for their education. Nothing else your child can get student loans.

insurance broker

Ladies most of us make our children our beneficiaries for our life insurance. How much do you know about your life insurance policy though? Leaving your child as a beneficiary as a minor is a big mistake. Most of the life insurance companies out there will not pay out to minors. Instead you should have someone of age be your beneficiary with the understanding that they use that money to care for your children. Then when your children become of age, you can change the beneficiaries to be them, but not until they are eighteen years old.

Most women feel that having a will is enough. These women are wrong though, this is another money mistake that women make. If you were to get into a car accident and are incapacitated who will pay your bills? If you have a spouse you may just assume that they will. What if they are in the accident with you? What if you live longer than your spouse or your relationship ends? This is why in addition to having a will you also need a trust with an incapacitated clause so someone has access to your bank account to pay your bills.

Yet another money mistake that women make is that they have the wrong life insurance. Talk with your insurance provider. Make an appointment to talk to someone to find out what is the right policy for you. Everyone is different, and everyone’s situation is different, which means that you need to take the time to make sure that you are getting the right insurance for you.

The inability to say no is another money mistake that women make. You have to be able to say no if something is not worth the money that it costs or if you truly cannot afford it. Many times children want very expensive clothing; do they need something that costs so much? The answer should be no. Learn to say no in different situations and you will be able to save a lot of money.

There are many money mistakes that women make. There are ways to change that though. The changes do not need to be difficult though. If you need help, get it, there is nothing wrong with needing some help now and then. Take charge of your financial future and you will be glad that you did ladies.

Money Tips for Women Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce is difficult. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. With all that to deal with sometimes women forget to think about money. This is not the time to forget about finances though; it is actually a time to work harder at them.

When getting divorced you should do everything that you can to avoid a lengthy battle in court. This may mean that you have to compromise more than you want to, but it will be worth it. Lengthy court battles are incredibly expensive. You have to pay your lawyer to be there and to do all the work leading up to the court date. This can add up quickly. Instead compromise with you husband and settle the matter as fast as possible to save money on it.

LOL Just divorced. And no, that's not my car.

Look into different mediation firms. The sole purpose of these firms is to bring the two parties together to try and settle things as fast and inexpensive as possible. They try to keep it all out of court. This will help you to save money. Look into the different firms and find the one that is right for you and your situation.

If your husband owns a small business be careful. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for sole proprietors to try to hide money so they do not have to split it with their ex. This is something that is serious and needs to be dealt with properly. If your husband owns his own business then you need to make sure that your lawyer brings in a forensic accountant to make sure all of the money is accounted for and so you get your fair share.

You need to make sure all your insurance gets updated immediately. Do not leave your ex-husband as your beneficiary. Instead have it changed to your children or another family member. All insurances should be updated to show that you are divorced and have your husband’s name taken off.

Get some advice on your taxes. Filing for taxes is different if you are single than it is when you are married. You want to make sure that you are getting the biggest return possible. Find a tax professional to help you with your taxes, do not try to do this on your own, it is okay to get help.

Ladies, when getting divorced think twice before insisting on keeping the family home. Many women say they want to keep the house to help keep some normalcy for their children. If you want the house you need to make sure that you will have the income to take care of the home. This goes beyond the mortgage, you have to pay for maintenance, upkeep, and all that good stuff. So before you try to get the house, think hard about whether or not you can afford to keep it.

Ladies divorce is tough; do not make it harder than it has to be. Money is one thing that you do need to keep in mind when getting a divorce. Do not let everything that is going on cause you to forget about finances and how to protect you and your family financially.

Ways Women Can Save a Little Extra Money

All of us women are looking for ways we can save a little a little money here and there. There are in fact many ways that we can save money all around us, if we look for them. Here are some tips to help you to find those ways. Some you may have heard before, others may be new to you, but all can help.

Stop buying paper towels for your kitchen. First by not using them you are helping the environment. Second it will save you a lot of money by not buying them. Instead use cloth towels that you can throw into the wash. This is so much more economical than using those paper towels that you use once and throw away.

Paper towel roll on stand

Are you one who enjoys reading? Buying books can really add up. Instead try having your friends join you in a book swap. Swap books that you have and have already read with those that your friends own and have already ready. You can also go to the library and rent books without having to pay unless you return it late. Consignments stores usually have good deals on books. So if you do want to buy one that would be a good place to get it. Then when you are done with it you can sell it back.

Do you regularly go out to eat for lunch? This adds up much faster than you think. You pay for the food, a drink, and you cannot forget to tip appropriately. Taking your lunch to work will help you save a lot of money every week, month, and year. Not only does this help you to save money, but it also helps you control what you are eating and the amount. This can be a great healthy option.

Buy in bulk when it makes sense. There are many items in your home and pantry that either will not got bad such as facial tissues, and stuff that takes a long time to go bad such as canned food items. Buying in bulk lowers the price per unit of anything that you buy. This works for food items and for nonfood household items.

If you spend some time looking around your home you will probably find many more ways that you can save money on the things that you do every day. Ladies you have the ability to save money on everyday things. This saving could help you to build your retirement funds or an emergency fund, or even help you to save for anything that you are wanting to purchase. These are small changes you can make that will save you money.

Investment Tips for Women

Investing your money is a good thing, but many women today are just unsure of where to put their money. There are a lot of options in the investing world and it can be difficult to know just what to do. Here are some tips to help you get through the confusion and be one your way to being a woman who has a great investment portfolio.

Before you start moving money around you should come up with an investment plan. This will outline where you want to put you money, how much, for how long, and where you want to be in a given amount of time. Are your investments part of your retirement plan? What kind of returns are you hoping for? There are a lot of things you need to think about before you start investing.

Investing can be a confusing thing, so you need to be able to realize when you need help. Hiring a financial consultant could really help you to make the best investments for you. There are some that work for a fee and some that work on commission. You need to decide which one will work the best for you before you decide on one.

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Whether you are working with a financial advisor or not you need to make sure that you are keeping your portfolio diversified. This is key to getting the best returns. If you put all your money in one place you are taking a big risk. If the company that you are investing in goes under, you could lose everything. If you split up your money then if one company does go under than you still have money other places and you will not be in so much financial trouble.

Make sure that you have an emergency fund. If you were to ever need your emergency fund then you will be very thankful that you created it and continued to contribute to it. If something goes wrong and you suddenly are out of an income then you can use this fund to make it until you have an income again.

Ladies no matter what do not forget to plan for retirement and work toward the goals that you established. Investing can be part of your retirement fund. Investing can help you to have more money for retirement so that you do not have to worry about running out of money.

Ladies investing your money does not have to be a difficult and confusing ordeal. Investing can help you to build up retirement and emergency funds. You do not have to do it alone, there are financial advisors that you can hire to help you make the best decisions for you, your needs, and your goals.