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Some Safety Tips for Women When Out and About

Women are typically viewed as weak and easy targets. This is one reason why some feel they can take advantage of women. The more safety tips women know the better the chance they have at not having something happen to them. Here are some safety tips that every women should know.

You should always be aware of your surroundings. If you are out shopping alone and you notice something or someone that looks suspicious in the store find an employee and let them know, they can have security deal with it so you do not have to. This also applies to the parking lot. If you are going to leave and you see something or someone that seems to be suspicious and you are uncomfortable walking to your car alone, you can go inside and request a security guard walk you to your car. Once they get you to your car safely if they feel that whatever made you uncomfortable needs dealt with, they will be right there to deal with it. You must always be aware of your surroundings; before you walk into a situation you must survey it.

Once you have surveyed the situation you should be aware of an escape route. If something were to happen, say you notice someone walking quickly toward you; you need to know the best way to get out of the situation. It could be going back to where you were, getting to your vehicle, getting to someone else, or a different store altogether. Finding your escape route is an important part of surveying the situation.

When you are out and about in your vehicle you should keep your doors locked at all times. Newer cars automatically lock the doors for you when you put it in drive, but older vehicles do not, so you have to do it yourself. You may wonder why you should have your doors locked when you are driving. You may not hear about carjackings much anymore but they do still happen. Women seem to be an easier target as these thieves feel they will not fight back as much. If you keep your doors locked they will not be able to simply open the door and get in or force you out, giving you the ability to drive away and call the police.

Ladies, do you have pepper spray? If not you should consider getting some. This is a good self defense tool. It does not do permanent damage to the person you use it on, but it will definitely stop them from trying to hurt you. You can find pepper spray almost anywhere, almost all sporting good stores have it and you can even get it online. It is not a bad idea to practice some with it so that if you do ever have to use it you are able to get someone in the eyes, you do not want to miss and have them take it from you. Keep in mind when practicing to aim a little high, at the forehead; this is because the spray will run down into their eyes, where if you go to low it will not be effective at all.

Ladies, do not be a victim. Know how to protect yourself and keep yourself out of bad situations. Know when you need to have someone with you and when you should avoid a situation all together. Being prepared can save you from having something awful happen to you. The more you know, the better prepared you can be. Share your knowledge with all the women in your life so you can all be safe.

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    Self Defense Tips Any Woman Can Follow

    It is an uncertain world we live in. It seems that people are going crazy. It is that reason that women need to make sure that they can protect themselves. Predators consider women to be weaker than their male counterparts and if they find one alone they may try to take advantage of that situation. Here are some self defenses tips for women that any woman can follow.

    The first is one that you have probably heard often, but that is because it is important. You must be aware of your surroundings. When you step out of a door, or before you get out of a car, survey your surroundings, know where you can go for help if needed. This is important. If you were to not notice something or someone you need to know where you can get help from.

    You also need to know how to keep your body language strong. If you keep your head up and walk with confidence you will be less likely to be targeted. Predators like to target women who look weaker. Those who walk with less confidence look weaker and therefore looks like an easier target. So no matter how you are feeling on any given day, keep your head up and your body language strong.

    A woman’s intuition is a powerful thing. Always trust your instincts. If you sense danger, then there is probably a good reason for that and you should avoid that situation if at all possible. If it is not possible to avoid the situation find out if there is someone who can walk you to your car, such as a security guard or a male employee of wherever you are. If not make sure you have your phone out and ready to use. This will let any potential predator know that if they try something you are ready to call for help.

    If someone does try to grab you your first instinct may be to yell for help. You will need to retrain your brain. Sadly most people do not respond to people’s call for help either because they do not want to get involved or they do not want to end up getting hurt too. Instead try yelling out for someone to call 911 for you. This is more likely to get help. If someone hears it they may call, but do not expect that they will intervene. This may or may not be enough for the predator to leave you alone, but at least the police will be one their way.

    If that is not enough for them to leave you alone then you should be aware of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. The first and most obvious spot is the groin. Hitting a man there will no doubt get a reaction of pain on their part. Another sensitive area is their eyes, if you can poke them in the eyes this will cause pain and can make it so they cannot see for a moment while you run. The throat is another sensitive area. If you are able to punch them in the throat do it. The last sensitive area is behind the knee. If you are able to kick them behind the knee it will knock them down onto that knee giving you a chance to flee.

    You can never be too careful these days. Long gone are the days where you did not have to worry about strangers attacking you everywhere you go. Things are not as simple as they once were. This is why women must be prepared to protect themselves. Knowing these self defense tips will help any woman to do just that.

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      Some Reasons Why Women Use Payday Loans More than Men

      According to the Pew Charitable Trust report women use payday loans more than men use them. Why is this? There are many reasons that can contribute to women using these loans more than men do. Here are some of those reasons.

      One theory about why women use these loans more is that they earn less than men do per hour. Not making as much as a man can cause more financial need for these payday loans for women. Some say that the glass ceiling is keeping them from reaching the financial stability they are looking for meaning they need more help from time to time.

      Another reason may be that women are just not as stubborn as men in regards to asking for help. A typical man will not stop to ask for directions, they just keep driving in hopes of finding where they are going. A woman will recognize the need to stop to ask for directions, and do it. The same is true for payday lending, they recognize when they need some help and they go get the help that they need.

      Women enjoy celebrating an achievement. Often time this celebration means buying something for ourselves that makes us feel as happy as the achievement does. It is times like this that cause some women to turn to payday lenders to help make that purchase. Or they get the loan to go out to celebrate and not to buy an item.

      Women invest their money less than men do. There is a chance when you invest your money that you will see returns on it. Men know this and count on it so then they do not need as many payday loans. If women want to get these returns too, they need to learn how to invest their money wisely. Until they do that there will be payday loans to help them when they need it and cannot make it to their next paycheck.

      Studies have shown that when it comes to running household finances more do it than men do. This could be another reason why more women seek out payday loans than men do. If they are the ones who are in charge of the household finances it will more likely than not be the woman who goes to get the payday loan.

      There are so very many reasons why more women seek out payday loan more than men do. It could be one reason or a combination of reasons. It does not matter much what the reason is why more women need payday loans than men. No matter what the reason payday lenders whether online or in a storefront location will be there for the women who need them.

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        Are Women Becoming Better At Investing Than Men?

        There was once a time when a woman would be advised to find a husband as means of financial preparedness for the future. Those days are long gone though. Over the past several decades more and more women are entering the workforce and are taking care of themselves financially. While the pay may not be equal quite yet, it is getting close. It seems as though a new trend in investing has emerged; women are becoming better at making investments than men are.

        We all know that men would prefer to not stop and ask directions, whereas women enjoy doing just about everything with other women. This stereotype holds true in many different areas in one’s life, including investing. Researchers have discovered that men prefer to learn about investing on their own, while women prefer groups. This information can be found in detail in the “Handbook of Consumer Finance Research.” This may be giving women the leg up in investing.

        What this research is telling is us is that men like to direct their learning themselves. They prefer to go online and do their research as opposed to women, who prefer to go to seminars and meet with professionals. It seems that it is this difference that is keeping men and women from being equal in the investment world. The biggest difference is simply how men and women learn.

        Confidence can play a part in this as well. Research has shown that as far as men go, they tend to be overly confident when making their investments. Women on the other hand, have a tendency to be under confident. This means that men are more willing to take risks which can pay off, or not. Women do not take as many risks so they have a more steady return on their investments. Men want a big payoff while women do not want to risk everything that they have.

        Most experts agree that in order to be a better investor both men and women need to make sure that they know what their own issues are. No matter if you are a man or a women you should be able to identify if you are an overly confident or under confident investor. Do emotions play a role in your investment decisions? You need to take a look at yourself and decide if it all is logical. Are you afraid to make a particular investment? If you are then you need to ask yourself why and whether or not it is logical to feel this fear. Knowing your limitations, your insecurities, and all that other stuff, you can make better decisions when you are investing your money.

        There is still a little debate about whether or not women are better at investing than men. One thing that is clear is that men and women have different ways to learn about investing, therefore they have different ways they go about making their investments. What will the trend be in the next few years? It is hard to say, but this one may continue for some time to come.

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          Are Women Smarter Than Men When It Comes To Investing?

          There are new studies out that are showing a growing trend in investing; women are doing better than men. Why is this? There are numerous reasons that this could be. Women seem to be making better decisions and receiving the rewards of this when it comes to investing their money.

          There is a report from Prudential that says that women “do not fully understand many of the increasingly sophisticated financial products that are available.” This does not seem to be true now though. Over the past decade just about every financial company has released a report that makes women look like they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to investments. They make it seem as though women would prefer to have someone else deal with their finances.

          There was a new report released from TD Ameritrade, surveyed four thousand men and women across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. What this survey shows is that ninety percent of women feel that they are confident when it comes to investing, and that they feel level-headed when it comes to managing their portfolio. This would be in contradiction to previous surveys and reports that have been previously released.

          Another thing that this report shows is that women prefer to be educated before investing and they are managing their portfolios online. This report shows a clear link between women who manage their portfolio online and those who are confident about their investments. Investing online seems to be empowering women investors everywhere.

          Keep in mind that all surveys have limitations though. They do not canvas everyone and there may be data that is different than it otherwise would be had everyone been canvassed. The TD Ameritrade survey was done across three countries, only surveying four thousand men and women. There are many people that this survey did not cover.

          It does seem that this is becoming a more popular trend. There may be women out there who have never even thought about managing their portfolio and investing online. The more women hear about it and do research on it the more women seem to be doing it. Women everywhere are becoming more educated in the financial world and therefore are able to make better decisions and do things that will help them along.

          Women may or may not be smarter than men when it comes to investing. More women are making smarter moves though and getting educated and get online. It seems that the more women get online to deal with investments the better they are doing with managing their portfolio and making these investments. So ladies get online, see what is there that will work for you and get going on your investing.

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            The Importance of Financial Literacy for Women

            It does not matter who you are, financial literacy is important, however it seem that is may be more important for women. Studies have shown that when it comes to women and finances, we know a lot less than we should, and a lot less than men do. It is important for women to increase their financial literacy not just so they can catch up with men, but for their own financial future.

            The FINRA Investor Education Foundation released a study that shows us that women who have a low financial literacy level spend more on credit cards every year than women who have a high financial literacy level. This means that they are paying more in interest than other women are. This interest can add up quickly and cause financial problems for those who get in over their head.

            This survey also shows us something else. It shows that those who have higher financial literacy levels are better at managing credit cards. This is a good reason for any women to gain more financial literacy.

            According to this survey women are six percent more points more likely to end up being charged a late fee than men are. This can have something to do with not having a high enough financial literacy level. If you have a higher financial literacy level, then you understand why you should do everything possible to avoid late fees.

            Women also seem to be less likely to pay their credit card balances in full. This can cause interest to add up. Most of us know that interest can add up very quickly if not dealt with in a timely manner. Those who are more financially literate understand why it is important to try and pay off the whole balance.

            Financial education should start in the home. The earlier it starts the better off the person will be. Women need to make sure that they are financially literate so they can pass on what they know to their children. Women seem to need to work harder to become financially literate than men do. If a woman works hard, she can be just as financially literate as a man, if not more so. It is not about a competition on who is more financially literate, it is about making sure that one’s financial future can be the best possible, and that you can pass all that information you have down to the next generation.

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              Common Money Mistakes that Women Make

              Most of us have a time or two where we make a financial mistake. Knowing what these mistakes are can help up to watch for them and then avoid them. Here are some of the most common money mistakes that women make. Knowing these can help you to notice more in your life.

              Women are empathetic and emotional, it is just the way we are. This can cause us financial trouble though. If we see someone in need we are more likely than men to help them out. If we do not have the finances to do this though, we should say no. However, most of us do not say no, we do what we can for that person even if it means we will be short on money. Doing this is a nice thing to do, but it comes at the cost of your financial security. It may be hard, but if you do not have the money to help someone, you have to learn to tell them no.

              How many of you ladies have heard the term, retail therapy? Chances are that most of you have. It is something that almost all of us do. We are upset about something; we go shopping for something that makes us feel better. This is a bad idea. If you have money in your budget to go shopping that is fine, provided that you stick to that amount and do not go over your budgeted amount. Instead of doing retail therapy, women should find other outlets for their problems, ones that do not cost money, such as going for a walk or writing in a diary. Spending money when you are emotional can cause you to spend more than you want.

              Another money mistake that women who are married or in a relationship make is letting the other person handle all the money. If you are unsure of how your finances work, you could end up in trouble if you suddenly need to take over. This could happen for various reasons, you could split from your significant other, or they could die, or they could get sick. The reason that you would have to take over does not matter. If you do not know how to run your finances you are in financial trouble.

              If you are in a relationship where you share money or are married, you need to talk about money with your significant other. Couples that do not talk about money tend to spend more than they can actually afford to. In the interest of saving money, sticking to a budget, and working for a better financial future, you must talk about money. This is a money mistake that is made all too often.

              When it comes to money women like to think they have it all under control. Some do however there are many who do not. Knowing the most common money mistakes can help you to stop making them, and find other that you make that you should stop. If it is a habit it may be hard to change it, but your financial future depends on you making those changes.

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                Government Report on Women and Finances

                The government has put out a comprehensive report called Women in America. This report shows that women are still struggling when it comes to personal finances. While women are doing better now than in previous decades, they still have a long way to go.

                Most people know that women tend to live longer than men. Did you know that women are more likely to experience major health problems? It is true. These medical problems can hinder a woman’s ability to work. Many women also skip out on purchasing the care that they need because of the cost. If a woman is unable to work and cannot afford the cost of care, things can get really bad for that woman.

                The earnings gap between women and men has been narrowing over the past few decades. That said there is still a significant gap between what a woman makes for a particular job and what a man makes for that same job. There is hope that in the coming years, the gap will continue to decline and eventually disappear all together.

                With each decade that passes more and more women are graduating from high school and college. This is helping the earning gap close, but there are still some degrees such as engineering that few women go into. Some experts speculate that this can have an effect on the earning gap between men and women.

                Women are getting married and having families later in life. Some feel that this could be due to women getting their degrees and having careers. Even though many women are having families later in life, more women than men are living in poverty today. The worst in disparity though is single mother families. They are having the hardest time trying to make it.

                This report also shows us that more women than men are working part time in order to be able to take care of their families. It also shows us that more men than women are willing to work outside of the home. This may be in part due to women taking the main role in raising a family. There are many women who prefer to leave their careers behind in order to take care of a family.

                What does all of this tell us? It tells us that women tend to live longer than men, but make less money than men. This puts most women in a difficult position at some point or another in their life. Women need to recognize these patterns and plan accordingly. If you are a woman who has a family or are planning on having one someday, you will need to figure out the best way to go about it financially.

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                  Women and Finances, the Gender Bias

                  When it comes to women and finances it seems that even today there is a gender bias. Why is this? It could be contributed to many reasons. Women are starting to take a more active role in their family’s finances; however there are still issues when it comes to handling money that almost seems to be in our genes.

                  Most everyone has known for decades now that women earn less than men do. While the gap in pay between men and women is decreasing, it is still causing other problems for women today. Because women make less money, they earn lower social security benefits later in life than men do. This does not seem to be fair, both men and women work, but the gender bias keeps women from making the same amount of money that men make.

                  When it comes to caregiver tasks such as taking care of children or elderly parents, women take most of the responsibility. This does take away time that could otherwise be devoted to work. This is another reason that women make less than men, they have to take more time off to be a caregiver. Men leave this to women, so they work and earn money and social security benefits, while women are off being a caregiver and not earning any money doing it.

                  There are certain careers that women choose more than men do. These tend to be the careers that have been more for women for decades. Such careers would be a caregiver or teacher. For decades these have been viewed as more of a woman’s job. Tradition and culture affect the things that we do, and it has been a tradition in most of our cultures that women do things such as teach and care for others.

                  Of course there are women who are going to break this trend and follow another career path. It does seem however that it will take some time before women and men are seen as equals in the financial world. Even if a woman gets a degree and does a job that is usually done by a man such as being an engineer, she will earn less than her male coworkers. While this does not seem fair, it is changing, slowly. It may be more than a decade or two before women earn the same amount that men earn. The main thing is that we are on our way to closing the gender gap on earnings and getting rid of gender bias in the workplace.

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                    Women and the Financial Gender Gap

                    It is no secret that there is a financial gender gap that has been around for decades. While in some areas that gap is closing, others are not seeing much of a change at all, and it seems that the change it is seeing is going in the wrong way. The financial gender gap will hopefully be gone someday, but until then women need to work at closing it for themselves.

                    Financial Finesse has put out a survey that shows that women seem to be falling behind men when it comes to financial literacy. It shows that women need to take charge and become financially literate. Financial literacy is not the only place that women seem to be falling behind in.

                    In most areas of financial planning in general women seem to be falling behind. The gaps are growing in the areas of paying off debt; having basic stock, bond, and mutual fund knowledge, and even in building emergency funds. It is not hopeless for women though, they can still become financially educated.

                    There is one area where women are not falling behind men in. When it comes to planning for long term care women are keeping up with men. This is the one area that women seem to understand and are not falling behind.

                    Women want to have peace of mind; they do not want to have to worry about what is going on with their money. If it is in a safe place then they feel better. One reason that the survey shows that women are behind is that they like to gather information from a large variety of sources before they make any decisions whereas a man will make that same decision much faster and with less research.

                    When it comes to a financial planner women do not want someone who comes across as a bossy know it all. They want someone who is going to be an ally for them in the financial world and who will look out for their best interests. The financial planner must make it comfortable for the women to ask any questions that she has and they cannot be an overly harsh person. Men are less likely to go see a financial advisor and when they do, they do not mind those financial planners that some women seem to have problems with.

                    Women you need to take responsibility for your own financial education. It does not matter if you get your information from an online source, a financial advisor, or even from a financial class. The important part is that you become educated in some way so that you can make better financial decisions.

                    There is still a financial gender gap out there. It is up to women to work at closing that gap. We have the ability to make sure that we are in charge of our own finances. So ladies, get out there and get educated, make the financial gender gap disappear for good.

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