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Ways Women Can Avoid Being Ripped Off By the Plumber

Ways Women Can Avoid Being Ripped Off By a PlumberIt happens every day all across the country; women are being ripped off by the plumber who is supposed to be there to help them. Women, do not feel helpless. There are things that you can do to help keep you from being ripped off by the plumber that you have come help fix the problem.

The first thing that you need to do is to know what the problem is. You need to know not just what the general problem is, but you need to get as specific as possible. The more you know the better off you will be. You can always do research on the issue at hand and gain information. This will allow you to understand what it is that the plumber is saying to you and if they try to tell you that you need something that you really do not need you may be able to pick up on it.

You should always shop around for a plumber. Not just for one who has a good price but for one who has a good reputation as well. Check out the websites of different plumbers. Many of these companies will put some of the reviews that they have received on their website. Be careful though, if the review was not good it may not have made it up to the website. Look for websites that offer nonbiased reviews so you can get an honest opinion on the various plumbers in your area.


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When you do have a plumber come out ladies remember that they are most likely going to assume that you do not know much if anything. You should ask a lot of questions; this will indicate to them that you are interested in what is going on. The more you ask the more you will know, and the more you will be able to get online and be able to verify. The plumber should hopefully understand that the more that they tell you the more likely they will be caught trying to rip you off.

One last thing to think about is the fact that you do not know the man that is coming into your home to work on your plumbing. This man could be a good law abiding citizen, or he could have a criminal background. The fact is that you do not know. He may not want to rip you off through his job; instead he may steal some of your valuables. It is a good idea ladies, to keep an eye on him while he is in your home.

The sad truth is that long gone are the days you can trust the people coming to your home to do repair work. Now you have to question everyone’s motives. It is easier to just not give someone the chance to rip you off. Prepare yourself and you will be much less likely to be ripped off the next time you have to call a plumber out to your home.

Safety Tips for Women Who Live Alone

Safety Tips for Women Who Live AloneFor many women living alone is an exciting time. You do not have to share your space or your things with anyone. You get to decorate the way you want and you do not have to compromise on anything. However when you are a woman living alone you need to take your safety into consideration. Here are some tips for all the women who live alone to stay safe.

The first thing you should do when you get home is to lock the door behind you. You do not want anyone to follow you into your home. Leaving your door unlocked makes it very easy for a criminal to get in. The best thing you can do is to lock it behind you. This should help to give you peace of mind.

Whenever you leave your home you should lock the door behind you as well. It does not matter if you are going to work or if you are going to get the mail. If you live in an apartment building and are going to go to the laundry room you should still lock your door. This may seem like a waste of time but by leaving your door unlocked a criminal could sneak in while you are gone and surprise you when you get back. For safety purposes you should always lock your door behind you whenever you step out for any reason.

If you have a friend who also lives alone become safety buddies. Check in with each other regularly to make sure the other is safe. This way you both are always accounted for. This will also help to give you peace of mind, not only by knowing your friend is safe, but by knowing that someone is looking out for you.

If you live alone in a house instead of an apartment it is a good idea to get some motion sensing lights for outside. This way you can tell if someone is outside. If someone is sneaking around outside you will be alerted to it and you can call the police if needed. Motion sensing lights also tend to cause criminals to not want to stay in that area because they do not want to be seen and the light makes it much easier for someone to see them.

Living alone can give a woman a great sense of freedom. You need to keep safety in mind however or your freedom could be compromised by a criminal. Do not risk your safety. You can live alone and be safe at the same time. Common sense will help you take the steps you need to keep you safe while you live alone.

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    Tips for Women to Protect Themselves in Various Situations

    Tips for Women to Protect Themselves in Various SituationsNo one wants to think that it can happen to them. However, if you do not prepare yourself mentally for the worst, you will not know what to do if something happens to you. Here are some tips for women in the event that you are approached by, attacked by, or even kidnapped by a predator.

    If you do get approached by someone wanting your purse or wallet the safest thing you can do is throw it away from your person. More often than not the criminal is only interested in your wallet or purse and will go after that giving you the chance to run for help. Never just give it to them, this leave you vulnerable for whatever else they want to take from you.

    If you were to be kidnapped and placed in a trunk of a car, do your best to figure out where the tail light is. If you are able to kick it out, sick your arm out of the hole and wave it around like crazy! The driver will not be able to see that you are doing this but the other drivers on the road will. At least one of them will see and call the police giving them the make, model, and license plate of the vehicle that you are in.

    Not that long ago I received an email that said if you see a baby’s car seat in the ditch do not get out of your vehicle, instead call the police. There are criminals out there who are placing these car seats in ditches with fake babies in them, and then when someone gets out of their vehicle, typically women because we are more sympathetic and concerned, they will assault the person and sometimes steal their car. Any time something does not feel right trust your instincts and call the police to check it out.

    If you are out and about or just getting into your car after work and see there is a piece of paper on your windshield or back window do not get back out to get it. This is another way that criminals are using to steal cars. They put this piece of paper there and the person who owns the car typically does not notice until they are ready to pull out of their parking spot. They then get out real quick to go check it out only to have someone hop in their car and take off. Instead wait until you are home and deal with it them.

    Ladies, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Trust your instincts, they are usually right. If something feels off about a situation there is nothing wrong with calling the police to come check it out, after all it is their job to keep you safe. Be aware of your surroundings and protect yourself.

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      Self Defense Tips Any Woman Can Follow

      It is an uncertain world we live in. It seems that people are going crazy. It is that reason that women need to make sure that they can protect themselves. Predators consider women to be weaker than their male counterparts and if they find one alone they may try to take advantage of that situation. Here are some self defenses tips for women that any woman can follow.

      The first is one that you have probably heard often, but that is because it is important. You must be aware of your surroundings. When you step out of a door, or before you get out of a car, survey your surroundings, know where you can go for help if needed. This is important. If you were to not notice something or someone you need to know where you can get help from.

      You also need to know how to keep your body language strong. If you keep your head up and walk with confidence you will be less likely to be targeted. Predators like to target women who look weaker. Those who walk with less confidence look weaker and therefore looks like an easier target. So no matter how you are feeling on any given day, keep your head up and your body language strong.

      A woman’s intuition is a powerful thing. Always trust your instincts. If you sense danger, then there is probably a good reason for that and you should avoid that situation if at all possible. If it is not possible to avoid the situation find out if there is someone who can walk you to your car, such as a security guard or a male employee of wherever you are. If not make sure you have your phone out and ready to use. This will let any potential predator know that if they try something you are ready to call for help.

      If someone does try to grab you your first instinct may be to yell for help. You will need to retrain your brain. Sadly most people do not respond to people’s call for help either because they do not want to get involved or they do not want to end up getting hurt too. Instead try yelling out for someone to call 911 for you. This is more likely to get help. If someone hears it they may call, but do not expect that they will intervene. This may or may not be enough for the predator to leave you alone, but at least the police will be one their way.

      If that is not enough for them to leave you alone then you should be aware of the most sensitive areas on a man’s body. The first and most obvious spot is the groin. Hitting a man there will no doubt get a reaction of pain on their part. Another sensitive area is their eyes, if you can poke them in the eyes this will cause pain and can make it so they cannot see for a moment while you run. The throat is another sensitive area. If you are able to punch them in the throat do it. The last sensitive area is behind the knee. If you are able to kick them behind the knee it will knock them down onto that knee giving you a chance to flee.

      You can never be too careful these days. Long gone are the days where you did not have to worry about strangers attacking you everywhere you go. Things are not as simple as they once were. This is why women must be prepared to protect themselves. Knowing these self defense tips will help any woman to do just that.

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        Women need to do More Shopping When it comes to Mortgages

        New finding suggest that women get worse mortgage rates than men do. Many at first may think that this is gender discrimination, but that is not the case. Women do not shop around for their mortgages as much as men do, which is what allows men to get better rates. If women were to start shopping around more, than they too could get a better mortgage rate.

        One reason it seems that women get worse rates is that they listen to their friends more. If a woman has a friend who says that they got a good rate from one bank, or that they like a certain bank, women tend to listen and go with the bank that their friend likes. While men may be given advice on where a good bank is, they listen less and look around for where they can get a better rate.

        Mortgage shopping can be a complex and time consuming activity. This shows us that maybe men have more financial knowledge than women do at least as far as mortgage shopping goes. This suggests that if women were to increase their financial knowledge then they may be able to better find mortgage rates that are better for them.

        Experts suggest that you can simply call the mortgage lenders and banks that are a possibility for you to use. Talk to them about what their mortgages are like, get all the information that you can. Make sure that you write down any and all questions that you want to ask each financial institution, and then write down the answers that you are given so that you have the ability to compare later on what will be best for you.

        Make sure that when you do call these places you do not ask for rates over the phone. Experts say that most companies will give you a lower estimate to get you into the door. Then when you do come in to apply for a mortgage, when you get approved you will have a higher rate than you thought that you were going to be getting.
        Women can get better mortgage rates if they take a hint from men and shop around. Do your homework prior to getting a mortgage. The more educated you are about it the better off you will be. Take your time to make sure that you are getting the best mortgage for you.

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          Women Are Getting Better With Money as They Age

          Women face multiple hurdles when it comes to money. For example women tend to live longer than men, but make less than men. It seems as though the saying “with age comes wisdom” is really true. Women seem to be getting better with money as they age.

          Joanne Hsu is an economist at the Federal Reserve Board. She completed a survey of those age fifty-one and over along with their spouses on financial literacy. This survey shows that men’s financial literacy seems to stay flat over the years, while women’s financial literacy increases.

          Hsu believes that there are incentives for women to increase their financial literacy as they get older. There are many different reasons such as getting married, having a child, or purchasing one’s first home. Whatever the reason is, women are using to push themselves to become more financially literate.

          One big reason that Hsu believes pushes women into becoming more financially literate is the possibility of becoming a widow. It is well known by now that women tend to live longer than men do. With that being said, if a woman may have to face becoming a widow, it becomes increasingly important for her to become more financially literate so that she can take care of herself financially once her husband has passed.

          There is a big correlation between high financial literacy levels and making better financial decisions. This should not surprise anyone. Hsu has been quoted as saying “Given these links, having sufficient financial literacy is becoming even more important since the responsibility for retirement planning has shifted to individuals.”

          What does this mean? This means that it is important to have high financial literacy levels in order to prepare better for retirement. Many people are finding that if they increase their financial knowledge they will make better decisions for their future, making it a more financially secure future.

          For any woman who needs help but does not know what to do, find a financial advisor. Do not just use the first one that you find. Make sure that you are working with someone who has your best needs in mind. This way you can get help making the best financial decisions you can. If you become a widow before gaining financial education, these financial advisors can really be helpful.

          Women are gaining financial knowledge as they go forward in life. This shows us that women are working to become more financially literate. Women are recognizing the various reasons why they need to become financially literate and are working toward gaining the knowledge that they need.

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            Smart Money Tips for Women

            Women these days need to take charge of their finances. There are things that women need to make sure that they are doing to ensure that they are truly in charge of their finances. Here are some tips for women to help them get and keep their finances where they should be.

            Women have a tendency to shy away from negotiating their salary. This is something that women need to learn how to do. The reason that many women have trouble with negotiating their salary is they tend to be more emotional about it and they worry more. We as women need to get over that and get paid what it is we are worth.

            Do not forget about any additional income that you have. It does not matter where this money comes from. It could be from a yard sale you had to get rid of things, or a tax refund. You need to put this money into your budget so that you can track it. All money that comes in or goes out needs to be tracked and recorded, there is no money that is exempt from this rule.

            If you have debt then you should be working toward paying it off. Ladies, when it comes to paying off debt the best way to do it is to make the monthly payment on all of your debts except for the debt that has the highest interest rate. This debt should have extra money being put toward it. The faster you pay off this debt the less you will have to pay in interest. Then start paying extra on the debt that has the next highest interest rate. This will help you to save money on interest while getting your debts paid off.

            Work toward building up your credit. There are some things that will hurt your credit and some that can help. One thing all women should know is that when it comes to overdrawing your checking account you should do everything you can to avoid it. If you overdraw your account then it can hurt your credit score. Instead if you get a payday loan you do not have to worry about your credit score because generally payday loans have no effect on your credit report.

            Speaking of credit reports, how often are you checking yours ladies? This is something that should be checked four times a year. When the quarter changes you should request a copy of your credit report so that you can look it over for any errors, this is important ladies so make sure that you are doing it. Once a year the three major credit reporting agencies will give you your credit report for free. Take advantage of that, the rest of the year you will have to pay for them, but it will be worth it.

            Make sure that you are reviewing all of your account statements when you get them. Whether the statement is for your checking account or your credit card you should make sure that all the transactions that were recorded are accurate. If you do find any errors make sure that you report them right away so that it can be dealt with.

            Ladies, not one of us will benefit from not having an emergency account. This is one thing that we should all have. Work on creating one and contributing to it. Remember though ladies, this account is for true emergencies only. You cannot use it for anything else, and if you do have to use it, then you need to make sure that you replace it as fast as possible.

            There are many things women need to do to make sure their finances where they want them to be. It is important ladies to make sure that you are doing what you need to do for your financial future. These tips will help you have the best financial future you can as long as you follow them.

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