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Government Report on Women and Finances

The government has put out a comprehensive report called Women in America. This report shows that women are still struggling when it comes to personal finances. While women are doing better now than in previous decades, they still have a long way to go.

Most people know that women tend to live longer than men. Did you know that women are more likely to experience major health problems? It is true. These medical problems can hinder a woman’s ability to work. Many women also skip out on purchasing the care that they need because of the cost. If a woman is unable to work and cannot afford the cost of care, things can get really bad for that woman.

The earnings gap between women and men has been narrowing over the past few decades. That said there is still a significant gap between what a woman makes for a particular job and what a man makes for that same job. There is hope that in the coming years, the gap will continue to decline and eventually disappear all together.

With each decade that passes more and more women are graduating from high school and college. This is helping the earning gap close, but there are still some degrees such as engineering that few women go into. Some experts speculate that this can have an effect on the earning gap between men and women.

Women are getting married and having families later in life. Some feel that this could be due to women getting their degrees and having careers. Even though many women are having families later in life, more women than men are living in poverty today. The worst in disparity though is single mother families. They are having the hardest time trying to make it.

This report also shows us that more women than men are working part time in order to be able to take care of their families. It also shows us that more men than women are willing to work outside of the home. This may be in part due to women taking the main role in raising a family. There are many women who prefer to leave their careers behind in order to take care of a family.

What does all of this tell us? It tells us that women tend to live longer than men, but make less money than men. This puts most women in a difficult position at some point or another in their life. Women need to recognize these patterns and plan accordingly. If you are a woman who has a family or are planning on having one someday, you will need to figure out the best way to go about it financially.

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    Women and Finances, the Gender Bias

    When it comes to women and finances it seems that even today there is a gender bias. Why is this? It could be contributed to many reasons. Women are starting to take a more active role in their family’s finances; however there are still issues when it comes to handling money that almost seems to be in our genes.

    Most everyone has known for decades now that women earn less than men do. While the gap in pay between men and women is decreasing, it is still causing other problems for women today. Because women make less money, they earn lower social security benefits later in life than men do. This does not seem to be fair, both men and women work, but the gender bias keeps women from making the same amount of money that men make.

    When it comes to caregiver tasks such as taking care of children or elderly parents, women take most of the responsibility. This does take away time that could otherwise be devoted to work. This is another reason that women make less than men, they have to take more time off to be a caregiver. Men leave this to women, so they work and earn money and social security benefits, while women are off being a caregiver and not earning any money doing it.

    There are certain careers that women choose more than men do. These tend to be the careers that have been more for women for decades. Such careers would be a caregiver or teacher. For decades these have been viewed as more of a woman’s job. Tradition and culture affect the things that we do, and it has been a tradition in most of our cultures that women do things such as teach and care for others.

    Of course there are women who are going to break this trend and follow another career path. It does seem however that it will take some time before women and men are seen as equals in the financial world. Even if a woman gets a degree and does a job that is usually done by a man such as being an engineer, she will earn less than her male coworkers. While this does not seem fair, it is changing, slowly. It may be more than a decade or two before women earn the same amount that men earn. The main thing is that we are on our way to closing the gender gap on earnings and getting rid of gender bias in the workplace.

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