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Women, Avoid Getting Ripped Off By a Mechanic

Women, Avoid Getting Ripped Off By a MechanicHaving your car break down is certainly not one of life’s little joys. However it is a fact of life that occasionally you will have to take your car to a mechanic, and for women this can be a much more expensive trip than for a man. There are mechanics who will try to take advantage of women and try and rip them off, women there are ways that you can avoid this.

Most mechanics typically think that women do not know much if anything about cars, and honestly this is often true. This also leads them to believe that they can rip women off when they bring in their cars for regular maintenance or for a repair. Many women find themselves feeling helpless because they do not know much about cars and if a mechanic says they need to have something done, then surely it does need it.

One way that you can avoid being ripped of is to bring a male with you when you take your vehicle in. It does not matter if it is your husband, boyfriend, or just a friend. When a mechanic sees that you have a male with you they tend to think that they will not be able to rip you off. First they will assume that the male that is with you will know at least something about vehicles. They will know that if they tell you that you need something when you really do not need it, there is a good chance that the male will step in and say something. So the next time you need to take your car in, try and find a male in your life that is willing to come along.

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You do not have to go to school to be a mechanic or rebuild a car to know a thing or two about your car. With the internet comes a wide variety of websites that can provide information to you about your vehicle and what is wrong with it. You have the option of taking your car to the mechanic and getting it diagnosed, leave and do some research before taking it back and having the work done. Do not forget that vehicles come with a resource of their own, the owner’s manual has tons of information on your vehicle in it and it is worth reading through.

Do not forget that you are paying for this service. If you are for any reason unhappy with the service that you have received you do have the right to complain. The shop should want your business again and they should want you to spread a positive word of mouth about them. This should drive them to make you happy. Talk to a manager and explain the situation and why you are not happy. Do not get angry, keep calm. They are more likely to want to make the situation right if you remain calm.

When it comes to having their car fixed women do have somewhat of a disadvantage, if they chose to. They have the ability to make the experience better so that they will not be ripped off. Remember ladies, do not be a victim of a mechanic taking advantage of you, you have the ability to be treated fairly and not pay for things that are not needed.

Safety Tips for Women Who Are Traveling

Safety Tips for Women Who Are TravelingWomen should never stop thinking about safety, even when they are traveling. Women travel for various reasons and it can be all too easy to get preoccupied and forget about safety. You must always keep safety on your mind. There will be criminals wherever you go and you must be prepared.

When you are looking for a hotel to stay at consider finding a smaller one. The smaller the hotel the smaller the lobby will be. This makes it easier to remember who was hanging around in the lobby as there is not as much room for people. It also makes it easier for the staff to remember people and their faces. There are not so many people that they cannot keep track of them all.

Before booking the room, call the hotel. Ask them if the room number is printed on the card holder or on the card. This matters because when people lose their card they typically do not lose the card holder. If you lose the card and it has the room number on it, whoever finds it will have access to your room. If that person happens to be a criminal you could be in for some trouble.

When you book your room request one that is near the stairs or the elevator whichever the hotel has. This way you do not have to go down a long hallway if someone is following you. You should also find out if there is construction and make sure that you request a room that is not near the construction. That makes a difference because you do not know who would be hanging out in that area.

You must remember not to be too trusting. Most women are more trusting than men are. This is something that many criminals count on. Not all criminals look like they are criminals. There are many who are clean cut and good looking. They can catch you off your guard. Do not trust someone just because they are wearing nice close and are well groomed. Always keep your guard up.

If you are out and about and you do need to stop and ask for help of any kind it is best to stop and ask a family that has a mother and children. They are less likely to want to attack you. You can always tell them you are supposed to meet your husband or boyfriend somewhere but are unsure of how to get there. While they are less likely to want to attack you, you do still need to keep your guard up because you just never know.

Even when traveling women need to keep safety in mind. Criminals are everywhere and if given a chance they will take advantage of whoever they can. Do not let them take advantage of you, keep safety on your mind at all times no matter where you are.

Women’s Self Defense Tips

Women cannot be too careful these days. It seems as though every time you turn around you are hearing about another woman on the news being attacked or you are getting another email warning you about a new way that women are being targeted. Here are some self defense tips that any woman can use if needed to help defend herself.

If you have ever visited a martial arts center you may have heard someone say that the elbow is actually the strongest point on the human body. It is true. If you are struggling to get away from someone and you are in the position to use your elbow, it does not matter where your elbow will make contact with, use your elbow. It will cause the most pain on your assailant allowing you to make an escape.

You were probably told as a child that you never kick a boy in the groin, well if you are being attacked, go for it. It is a very sensitive area on a man and if it helps you to get away then there is nothing wrong with it. It should hurt them enough to allow you to flee and find help.

One thing that not many women think about using for self defense is their purse. If you are like me and carry a lot of stuff around with you than your purse is likely fairly heavy. Swinging it around and hitting someone with it could hurt. If it comes down to it, use your purse as a self defense weapon.

Another thing that not many women think about using is their keys. If you put one key in between each finger you can poke and scratch your assailant. If possible you can use this on their eyes as well. It may not do much damage, but most predators do not want to deal with someone who is fighting back so they will back off.

There are many everyday items that you can use to defend yourself. Look around at what you carry with you on a daily basis. What can you use? Being aware of your surroundings and what you have with you to protect yourself, and what you can do with your body to protect yourself could save you from being attack or even kidnapped.

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    Some Safety Tips for Women When Out and About

    Women are typically viewed as weak and easy targets. This is one reason why some feel they can take advantage of women. The more safety tips women know the better the chance they have at not having something happen to them. Here are some safety tips that every women should know.

    You should always be aware of your surroundings. If you are out shopping alone and you notice something or someone that looks suspicious in the store find an employee and let them know, they can have security deal with it so you do not have to. This also applies to the parking lot. If you are going to leave and you see something or someone that seems to be suspicious and you are uncomfortable walking to your car alone, you can go inside and request a security guard walk you to your car. Once they get you to your car safely if they feel that whatever made you uncomfortable needs dealt with, they will be right there to deal with it. You must always be aware of your surroundings; before you walk into a situation you must survey it.

    Once you have surveyed the situation you should be aware of an escape route. If something were to happen, say you notice someone walking quickly toward you; you need to know the best way to get out of the situation. It could be going back to where you were, getting to your vehicle, getting to someone else, or a different store altogether. Finding your escape route is an important part of surveying the situation.

    When you are out and about in your vehicle you should keep your doors locked at all times. Newer cars automatically lock the doors for you when you put it in drive, but older vehicles do not, so you have to do it yourself. You may wonder why you should have your doors locked when you are driving. You may not hear about carjackings much anymore but they do still happen. Women seem to be an easier target as these thieves feel they will not fight back as much. If you keep your doors locked they will not be able to simply open the door and get in or force you out, giving you the ability to drive away and call the police.

    Ladies, do you have pepper spray? If not you should consider getting some. This is a good self defense tool. It does not do permanent damage to the person you use it on, but it will definitely stop them from trying to hurt you. You can find pepper spray almost anywhere, almost all sporting good stores have it and you can even get it online. It is not a bad idea to practice some with it so that if you do ever have to use it you are able to get someone in the eyes, you do not want to miss and have them take it from you. Keep in mind when practicing to aim a little high, at the forehead; this is because the spray will run down into their eyes, where if you go to low it will not be effective at all.

    Ladies, do not be a victim. Know how to protect yourself and keep yourself out of bad situations. Know when you need to have someone with you and when you should avoid a situation all together. Being prepared can save you from having something awful happen to you. The more you know, the better prepared you can be. Share your knowledge with all the women in your life so you can all be safe.

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      Some Reasons Why Women Use Payday Loans More than Men

      According to the Pew Charitable Trust report women use payday loans more than men use them. Why is this? There are many reasons that can contribute to women using these loans more than men do. Here are some of those reasons.

      One theory about why women use these loans more is that they earn less than men do per hour. Not making as much as a man can cause more financial need for these payday loans for women. Some say that the glass ceiling is keeping them from reaching the financial stability they are looking for meaning they need more help from time to time.

      Another reason may be that women are just not as stubborn as men in regards to asking for help. A typical man will not stop to ask for directions, they just keep driving in hopes of finding where they are going. A woman will recognize the need to stop to ask for directions, and do it. The same is true for payday lending, they recognize when they need some help and they go get the help that they need.

      Women enjoy celebrating an achievement. Often time this celebration means buying something for ourselves that makes us feel as happy as the achievement does. It is times like this that cause some women to turn to payday lenders to help make that purchase. Or they get the loan to go out to celebrate and not to buy an item.

      Women invest their money less than men do. There is a chance when you invest your money that you will see returns on it. Men know this and count on it so then they do not need as many payday loans. If women want to get these returns too, they need to learn how to invest their money wisely. Until they do that there will be payday loans to help them when they need it and cannot make it to their next paycheck.

      Studies have shown that when it comes to running household finances more do it than men do. This could be another reason why more women seek out payday loans than men do. If they are the ones who are in charge of the household finances it will more likely than not be the woman who goes to get the payday loan.

      There are so very many reasons why more women seek out payday loan more than men do. It could be one reason or a combination of reasons. It does not matter much what the reason is why more women need payday loans than men. No matter what the reason payday lenders whether online or in a storefront location will be there for the women who need them.

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        Is the Glass Ceiling Sending Women to Payday Lenders?

        Almost everyone knows what the glass ceiling is and almost everyone knows what a payday loan is. What do these two things have in common? Women; studies show that women use payday lenders more than men, and there is a new theory out as to what is really behind this new trend. This theory suggests that women use payday lenders more than men because the glass ceiling is sending them to the lenders.

        While there are many factors that could factor into the equation as a whole such as age, parental status, and of course income. Many think that wage discrimination is at work, keeping women’s wages down, causing them to need payday loans more than men. Some do argue though, that every generation is seeing women as a whole making wages closer and closer to men’s wages. So is this new theory sound, or do we need to start at square one again?

        Some say that the reason that they gap between men and women’s wages is that more and more women are leaving the home in order to pursue careers and advanced education. Even with all that at the Democratic National Convention this year Michelle Obama even alluded to the glass ceiling as a way to call attention to the wage gap that we still have.

        While there still may be wage discrimination in the workforce, there is still one place women can go to be treated equal; a payday lender. Payday lenders do not care if you are a man or a woman; they are just trying to help the people in their communities to get the help that they need. They have four requirements that you have to meet in order and none of them have anything to do with sex. You must be at least eighteen, you must have a job, you must have a checking account, and you must be a resident of the United States.

        Equal wage rights have come a long way; they still have a long way to go though. The gap in wages between men and women has decreased and it seems that it may continue to decrease; no one really knows when the wages will be equal. It could take a year or two or it can take decades the point is no one knows for sure. People are going to continue to work for equal wages until they do not have a need to do so anymore.

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          Top Financial Shortfalls of Women

          When it comes to finances most of us women do not know it all. We have shortfalls when it comes to certain areas of our personal finances. Here are some financial shortfalls that women have, knowing them can help you stop doing them.

          The first one is that women lack confidence when it comes to their personal finances. It is because of this lack of confidence that women tend to wait longer to invest their money than men do. This can cause us to not have the money that men do simply because we did not have the confidence in ourselves to start investing earlier in life.

          Another financial shortfall that most women have is negotiating. This goes along with lack of confidence. We do not have the confidence to negotiate our salaries. We are also ruled by our emotions more than men are and therefore when it comes to negotiating we tend to take a step back. Gain some confidence and negotiate the salary that you should have.

          There is still an earnings gap between men and women. This goes with negotiating. If we negotiate our salaries we can help to close that earnings gap. With every generation that is entering the work force the earnings gap does get smaller, but the problem is that it is still there. Women must work to close the earnings gap and get paid what they are worth.

          Spending is another financial shortfall that most women have. Women like to shop, everyone knows that. Women tend to spend more than men do. Again we are ruled by our emotions and that does affect how much money we spend. The more emotional we are the more that we tend to spend. Before you go shopping get your emotions in check so that you are not spending more money than you should be.

          Women usually live longer than men, most of us know this. This does mean that we need to plan for retirement differently than men do. We need to prepare for us to live longer than our significant other. Women are usually planning for retirement the same way men do and the truth is that women must plan differently when it comes to retirement.

          Many women have financial shortfalls that they must learn how to deal with. Knowing what your financial shortfalls are is the first step to changing them. If you cannot recognize what you are doing wrong how are you able to change it? You cannot, that is why you must pay attention to what you are doing. Do not let your emotions take charge of a situation that seems to just make the financial shortfalls of a woman get worse.

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            Why Women Fear Salary Negotiations

            Do you feel comfortable negotiating a salary? If your answer was yes do not feel bad, most women actually fear having to do this. Why you might ask? Well, there are a few various reasons that we do this. Here are some so that you can look at yourself and see if they match up with you, and some ways you can negotiate better.

            Most of us women want others to like us, especially those people we work with. It makes the work day much easier when we get along with our co-workers and our superiors. If we ask for more money when negotiating our salary we fear it will cause our bosses not to like us, or we fear that a co-worker might find out what we make and be unhappy that we make more. This is one reason why we fear negotiating our salaries.

            Most women have a tendency to devalue our worth. We just do not seem to think we are worth as much as we are. It is hard to say why, but we need to work at changing that. If we do not think that we are worth more money than the employer will think that as well. We do not want to make ridiculous salary requests because then we would end up in a negotiation. Instead we tend to ask for an amount that we know they will be willing to pay so that we do not have to negotiate the salary.

            It is said that one reason that women fear negotiating their salary is because we are too wrapped up in our emotions and feelings. This can cause us to have anxiety about the negotiation of our salary because of this as well as add to both the previous reasons. Try to not have too much emotion when you might have to negotiate your salary.

            When it comes to negotiating our salary there are three things that the experts agree we should do. The first one is do not take no for an answer. If we know how much we are worth and a company does not want to pay that amount, do not take the job. Get what you should be earning, do not let them tell you know. Next you should be persistent. They are going to try to pay you as little as they can so that their profits will be bigger. Let them know what you are worth and be persistent until you get that amount.

            Lastly most experts say that you will need to be creative. If there is no way that you are able to get any answer other than no when negotiating your salary you should find other ways of compensations. There are various ways that you can do this, if they do not offer much for benefits then you can get more, or you can get stock options. Work with the employer to find other ways to make the compensation for the job worth it.

            Women, we do not need to fear negotiating for our salary. We can recognize what it is that makes us fear salary negotiations and then change it. We have the ability to ask for what we are worth, and we deserve to get what we are worth.

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