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Safety Tips for Women Who Are Walking Alone In a Parking Lot

There are times where women cannot avoid walking alone. Whether it is to or from the car while at work, or at the grocery store, or even at the mall, there are times when a woman walks alone and needs some safety tips just in case. Here are some tips that every woman should know for when she is in a situation where she has to walk alone.

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It may feel like paranoia, but when there is someone walking behind you sometimes you may feel like they are following you. They may be on their way to their own car which happens to be near yours, or they may actually be following you, you do not know. If you feel like they may be following you, turn around and ask a question or make a statement. You could ask directions to another location, or ask them what time it is, or even talk about the weather. The point of this is you are getting a good look at their face, if they were planning on attacking you in any way they may change their mind now that you have gotten a good look at their face and would be able to pick them out in a line up.

If that does not seem to make the person want to leave you alone and they are more intent on coming after you make sure to put your hand up and yell, do not say, stop. If you have pepper spray, yell that at them too. Do not say it, yell it. You need to use your voice and body language to let the criminal know that you are going to put up a fight. Many criminals do not want to fight with someone; they want an easy target, if they know that you are going to put up a fight they are more likely to move on.

Always be aware of the vehicle parked next to yours. Is it empty? Is there someone in the vehicle? Sometimes criminals will wait on the passenger side of the vehicle trying to look as though they are waiting for someone to come back out to the car only to grab a woman when get tries to get into the car next to them. If you are suspicious of someone, simply get in on the passenger’s side. Always lock the doors as soon as you get in and shut the door.

You also need to pay attention to the type of vehicle that is parked next to yours. Is it a normal car with normal windows or is it a large van with no back windows? This is another sign that you should get in on the passenger’s side. There are criminals who own these large vans without windows and open the door and grab women when they are trying to get into their car. So remember when in doubt, get in on the passenger’s side, or go in and request a security guard walk you to your car and wait for you to get in, and always lock your doors immediately.

As a woman you should try to prepare for anything that you can. Knowing these things will help you to prepare to protect yourself should you have to. Remember to remain calm and strong. You may be viewed as weak, but you are strong and you can show it!

Ways Women Can Protect Themselves When Alone

Ways Women Can Protect Themselves When AloneWomen who are alone are more likely to be targeted by a criminal than anyone else. They typically appear more vulnerable than men, or even a woman who is with another woman. There are things that a woman can do to help protect herself when alone.

It is a good idea to go out and get a small bottle of pepper spray that can be attached to your key chain. Having pepper spray attached to your key chain means that you will have it out and ready as you are walking to your vehicle. If a criminal does come up to you as you are walking to your car, you will be prepared.

If you do not know self defense techniques or you have read about them and would like to practice them, sign up for a self defense class. These classes not only show you how to defend yourself but they will allow you to practice them as well. You will get the chance to practice these moves in a safe controlled environment so that if you should ever need to use them you will be prepared.

Most of us have cell phones these days. If you do not have one, you should seriously consider getting one. There are phones that you can get for a reasonable cost and that do not even have monthly plans. You do not have to spend a lot to have a phone, especially if you only have it for emergencies. Keep your phone out when walking alone, if you feel uncomfortable call someone. Sometimes all it takes to feel better is someone on the other end of the line. If a criminal sees you on the phone they will be less likely to approach you as they will be heard on the phone and that person could hang up and call the police right away.

If you are going to be going somewhere you are not familiar with or going to meet with someone you do not know very well you should let someone know. Even if you are going on a date with someone you should let someone know where you will be and when you should be home. This way, if you do not show up when expected and that person tries to call you and cannot get a hold of you, they know to contact the police. Many people think that if they are just going on a date it is not a big deal even if they have never met the individual in person, only online. The truth is you do not know what that person is going to be like until you get to know them, do not risk it, stay safe.

Women are considered the weaker sex and therefore are targeted by criminals. This is never more true than when they are alone. There are ways that you as a woman can protect yourself. Do not wait until you have been made a victim. Take action today to protect yourself.

Safety Tips for Women

Safety Tips for WomenYou have probably heard people say that it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are a woman this is very true. Women are seen by criminals as more weak than their male counterparts, thus making them more of a target. Here are some safety tips that any woman can follow.

Some women like to take the stairs for additional exercise. It seems like a good idea, until you think about what could happen. Not very many people take the stairs, most prefer the elevator. This means that if you take the stairs you could be alone, with the exception of a criminal. They could be hiding out waiting for a woman to be taking them alone. Then the criminal has the ability to attack the woman without anyone being around to help her. So the next time you have the choice, be lazy, take the elevator, and save your work out for the gym, that is why they are there.

If you have to walk to and from anywhere alone modify your outfit. You may have a beautiful scarf that goes great with the outfit you are wearing today, keep it in your purse until you get to your desk. If you are out walking a scarf is something that is easy for a criminal to grab. Another way to modify your outfit is to not wear your heals until you are at work as well. If you have to run from an assailant you will have a difficult time doing that in heals. Think about what you can do to modify your outfit everyday to keep yourself safe and able to run or fight back, after all it can be difficult to fight and kick in a short skirt.

One thing that you should do is make eye contact with everyone. Criminals look for those who seem to be the weakest, as they do not fight back as much. Those who keep their heads down and do not make eye contact seem weaker. If you keep your body language strong, keep your head held high and make eye contact they will not see you as a weaker person and therefore you will be less likely to be targeted.

If a criminal manages to catch you off guard and you do have to fight, remember you could be fighting for your life, so give it all you got. Hit them were it hurts. The most sensitive areas will be their eyes, their nose, their throat, their groin, and the back of their knee. The strongest point on your body is your elbow, so if you get the opportunity to use it, do. Repeatedly attack these areas until the assailant is down and you can run for help. Do not look back just keep going until you have reached help.

There are ways that you can try and prevent a criminal trying to attack you, but sometimes you cannot avoid it. If you cannot avoid it you need to fight like your life depends on it, and in some cases it might. Knowing how to avoid situations and fight back if you cannot avoid those situations is very valuable knowledge.

Safety Tips for Women Going Out With Friends

Safety Tips for Women Going Out With FriendsGoing out can be fun and one of the safest ways to do it is with some friends. Even when you are going out to have fun with friends you need to keep safety in mind. Here are some safety tips for all women when they go out with their friends.

You should ride to wherever you are going with at least one of your friends. This way you will have someone to walk to and from the car with. You do not want to walk through the parking lot alone; this would make it easier for a criminal to take advantage of you. Walking with a friend gives you strength in numbers.

Many women think that it is okay to leave their purse alone for a few minutes without making sure someone is watching it. Whether it is to go dancing or to play some music, they will just walk away from it for a minute or two. This is not a good idea, it only takes a few seconds for someone to walk up, make sure no one is paying attention, grab it, and walk away. Make sure that one of your friends are going to watch it before walking away from it, if they cannot or will not, make sure to take it with you.

Never, ever walk away from your drink. This is a huge mistake! If you do tell the bartender that you do not want it because you walked away from it and purchase a new drink. It only takes a second for someone to drop something into your drink when you are not paying attention. Do not walk away from a drink. Finish it before you leave the glass unattended.

Make a deal with your friends that you will look out for them and they will look out for you. You do not want to drink too much and you do not want your friends to drink too much either. When you drink too much you tend to make bad decisions. You cannot always trust someone you just met and you do not want to be put in a bad situation. Watch out for each other and you will be able to have a good time without having to worry so much about criminals.

Going out can be a lot of fun, especially after a long, stressful week. If you want to be able to do it again you should do what you can to avoid criminals and the trouble they bring. By going out with your friends you can look out for each other and keep each other safe. This way you get to have a good time with your good friends and criminals with be discouraged by the numbers you have.

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    Safety Tips for Women Who Live Alone

    Safety Tips for Women Who Live AloneFor many women living alone is an exciting time. You do not have to share your space or your things with anyone. You get to decorate the way you want and you do not have to compromise on anything. However when you are a woman living alone you need to take your safety into consideration. Here are some tips for all the women who live alone to stay safe.

    The first thing you should do when you get home is to lock the door behind you. You do not want anyone to follow you into your home. Leaving your door unlocked makes it very easy for a criminal to get in. The best thing you can do is to lock it behind you. This should help to give you peace of mind.

    Whenever you leave your home you should lock the door behind you as well. It does not matter if you are going to work or if you are going to get the mail. If you live in an apartment building and are going to go to the laundry room you should still lock your door. This may seem like a waste of time but by leaving your door unlocked a criminal could sneak in while you are gone and surprise you when you get back. For safety purposes you should always lock your door behind you whenever you step out for any reason.

    If you have a friend who also lives alone become safety buddies. Check in with each other regularly to make sure the other is safe. This way you both are always accounted for. This will also help to give you peace of mind, not only by knowing your friend is safe, but by knowing that someone is looking out for you.

    If you live alone in a house instead of an apartment it is a good idea to get some motion sensing lights for outside. This way you can tell if someone is outside. If someone is sneaking around outside you will be alerted to it and you can call the police if needed. Motion sensing lights also tend to cause criminals to not want to stay in that area because they do not want to be seen and the light makes it much easier for someone to see them.

    Living alone can give a woman a great sense of freedom. You need to keep safety in mind however or your freedom could be compromised by a criminal. Do not risk your safety. You can live alone and be safe at the same time. Common sense will help you take the steps you need to keep you safe while you live alone.

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      Women’s Self Defense Tips

      Women cannot be too careful these days. It seems as though every time you turn around you are hearing about another woman on the news being attacked or you are getting another email warning you about a new way that women are being targeted. Here are some self defense tips that any woman can use if needed to help defend herself.

      If you have ever visited a martial arts center you may have heard someone say that the elbow is actually the strongest point on the human body. It is true. If you are struggling to get away from someone and you are in the position to use your elbow, it does not matter where your elbow will make contact with, use your elbow. It will cause the most pain on your assailant allowing you to make an escape.

      You were probably told as a child that you never kick a boy in the groin, well if you are being attacked, go for it. It is a very sensitive area on a man and if it helps you to get away then there is nothing wrong with it. It should hurt them enough to allow you to flee and find help.

      One thing that not many women think about using for self defense is their purse. If you are like me and carry a lot of stuff around with you than your purse is likely fairly heavy. Swinging it around and hitting someone with it could hurt. If it comes down to it, use your purse as a self defense weapon.

      Another thing that not many women think about using is their keys. If you put one key in between each finger you can poke and scratch your assailant. If possible you can use this on their eyes as well. It may not do much damage, but most predators do not want to deal with someone who is fighting back so they will back off.

      There are many everyday items that you can use to defend yourself. Look around at what you carry with you on a daily basis. What can you use? Being aware of your surroundings and what you have with you to protect yourself, and what you can do with your body to protect yourself could save you from being attack or even kidnapped.

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